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Wolf Head Books and Publishing is Accepting Submissions

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So my publishing company, Wolf Head Books and Publishing, is now accepting submissions in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, and Historical Fiction.

WHBP is accepting shorter and longer works. Shorter work will probably be put into a collection, longer works are stand alone. If you want to submit to Wolf Head Books and Publishing, click here.

I hope that I can publish stories that readers will enjoy and find inspiring.

Good luck to all those that submit.

The Value Of A Story

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What is the value of a story? How can you measure it’s worth? Maybe not it’s worth in money, but it’s worth measured by the impact it has on the reader.

I have realized that my stories don’t have much worth. They are shallow. I think the messages in my stories are almost unattainable. My stories are interesting for a younger audience who seek to find an adventure. I suppose they are worth something to younger people. People that haven’t quite matured and are fascinated by the adventures of a protagonist. Whether that be surviving battles, riding eagles, spying on orcs, or surviving harsh climates.
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This is one of the original poems that I wrote. One of my first. I wrote this poem back in 2004 or 2005. It it one of my oldest poems. At the time I thought this was the perfect reflection of a good adventure story.


In the inn
Dimly lit
Men sit
In the pub

Sipping ale to ward of cold
Winter wind huff and puff
Success is not their answer

Candles flicker in the halls
Sleeping men are blue with the night
Lanterns burn along the pub wall

Light dancing with shadow
Sounds of laughter
Silence of sleeping


Written by Cali

November 22nd, 2009 at 11:33 pm

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