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A Hint Of Hope is My First Print Book Released

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So I have finally done it. I have released my first print book. A Hint of Hope. A collection of short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genre. Everybody who is interested in my first book, please check out the publisher site link for locations and options to buy. Check it out here.

I will be planning some promotions in the future. Currently I’m working on my next book. A full length novel. More on that to come.

I have learned lots putting together A Hint Of Hope, about print publishing. The ebook version is also live and can be found for kindle, currently. Just search for it or check the publisher link. It will be released for epub in the future as well. Like I said, I’m just trying to get words down for my current novel. Check out A Hint Of Hope cover below.


A Hint Of Hope

Memorial To Bear

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My dog Bear was hit by a car. Actually probably about a month ago. I have just been busy getting married and have not posted much on the site lately. More on the marriage later.

I became Bear’s owner when I was about eleven years old. I made sure I paid five bucks for him so he would be my dog only. Truth was he was very much part of the Callahan family and all took good care of him.

We got him off my Uncle Dwayne after his German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd had pups together. Bear grew up to have all the colors of a German Shepherd, but the fluffy fur, height, and tail of an Australian Shepherd.

Bear was a very kind dog. He would never hurt anything and actually could be found sleeping with the cats curled next to him.

He also had a problem with pissing on everything. I saw him piss on our cat Mufasa. The cat did not take to kindly to that and swatted his wiener, sending bear yelping back to the house. He pissed on a neighbor that stopped by to talk to my parents. He kicked bear, and we weren’t upset one bit.

The best one, he walked up to a newborn baby calf and pissed on its head. The mother cow was pretty upset and chased him down and ran him over.

Bear loved chasing sticks. I could throw a stick into the water and Bear would swim it and get it every time. Almost to the point of drowning so  I would have to stop throwing the stick because Bear did not know when to stop.

Bear was a great dog. He was a pup at heart until the day he died. He was eleven years old when he died, and we think he might have been crossing the road to go off and die anyways because he was starting to hurt real bad in his old age. Maybe he even jumped in front of the vehicle. Some animals will do that when they want to die.

Either way, I will miss the old boy, and Baby Bear – as I called him – will always be in my heart.


Cheers Bear




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