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Wolf Head Books and Publishing is Accepting Submissions

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So my publishing company, Wolf Head Books and Publishing, is now accepting submissions in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, and Historical Fiction.

WHBP is accepting shorter and longer works. Shorter work will probably be put into a collection, longer works are stand alone. If you want to submit to Wolf Head Books and Publishing, click here.

I hope that I can publish stories that readers will enjoy and find inspiring.

Good luck to all those that submit.

A Hint Of Hope is My First Print Book Released

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So I have finally done it. I have released my first print book. A Hint of Hope. A collection of short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genre. Everybody who is interested in my first book, please check out the publisher site link for locations and options to buy. Check it out here.

I will be planning some promotions in the future. Currently I’m working on my next book. A full length novel. More on that to come.

I have learned lots putting together A Hint Of Hope, about print publishing. The ebook version is also live and can be found for kindle, currently. Just search for it or check the publisher link. It will be released for epub in the future as well. Like I said, I’m just trying to get words down for my current novel. Check out A Hint Of Hope cover below.


A Hint Of Hope

Editing A Story and Book Covers

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Now that I have a number of short stories completed, I find myself now an editor. More so then if I were to send the stories to magazines for consideration.

As a self publisher you need to be the final gate before the press. It is recommended by many on the web that I should hire a professional editor.

I agree. But I can’t afford an editor. To pay what I can pay for… well lets say I’ll get what I payed for. Not worth the money wasted.

So I decided I must do this myself. I am going to post each story on a critique site. I think this is the best bet for a first reader. With the help from the site and my own skills in the English language, I am sure I can get something that looks professional. If not I’ll hear about it in reviews I’m sure.

As I build my business and career as a writer and I know I can earn out the money spent on an editor… well then I’ll hire one.

But not now.

Instead I’m going to spend my money on a professional book cover using I have heard much about the site and checked it out for myself. So far I’m impressed.

One tool of editing I’m going to include is a style sheet. I want to get good at the style sheet. It will keep my stories congruent.

So currently I am editing a number of short stories that will be part of a science fiction/fantasy anthology. My first book. Each story will be released as singles as well.  The covers for the singles will be done by me, or bought cheap from a designer. The main anthology will have the large purchase cover. $300 if I go with the smallest package 99designs offers.

Thats where I am at.

I also want to note that I’m sorry if the site was down. I just tried to get on today to discover it blank. One of the plugins was giving me trouble. But as you can see the site is back up now.

Cheer’s all.

Written by Cali

February 10th, 2014 at 2:34 am

A Writing Progress Update

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So, since I last posted, I have achieved much.


I have completed the draft on two short stories. I am currently editing an older story.


I plan to publish short stories individually, then as anthologies.


I believe once I can write good short stories, I’ll then work on my novels more. I think it is good to have short stories making a ┬áname for myself before I work hard and launch a large novel.


I also don’t want to work hard on a novel when my writing skills are sub par. I believe working on short works is better to improve my writing before I spend a lot of time on a novel.


I am setting up my own publishing company. Once I have enough short stories for a decent product line I’ll set it up. I also have some other books from other writers I want to publish.


And no, I’m not open for submission right now. I have enough products and work. Once I catch up I might open the doors to submissions.


More on that later.


I’ll let you all know more about the short stories later. Just want you to all know I am making progress and writing almost every day.


Written by Cali

October 22nd, 2013 at 10:28 pm

Once Again… Writing! The Dream

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Here I am, once again, trying to write.

I always start up, I always quit. I want to really finish this time. I want to enter the published world, and be a writer by profession, and keep up the spirit to do so.

I have big plans. I’m taking the Indie Publishing Route. Many of the big authors have moved this way, despite their large paying contracts from large publishing companies.

Why? Because with the new methods of Print On Demand publishing, and the ebook markets exploding, you can now publish your own work, with little cost. And if you are a really good writer, your work will be read, and you will be rewarded.

Unlike the old Legacy Publishing days- the term for traditional publishing- where you relied on an editor to tell you if you were good. You were subject to an editors personal opinion, not the opinion of the potential readers.

So now, you publish yourself. If you are good, you will do good. If your writing is bad, you won’t. But you also won’t loose thousands of dollars self publishing either, if you are bad.

As a self publisher, I will have my own publishing company name, and business. I hope to really make it out there and do good, maybe taking on other writers works under my publishing name. But that is in the future. Right now I just need to get some books out, some stories, and work on my craft.

To my success… this time.

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