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Wolf Head Books and Publishing is Accepting Submissions

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So my publishing company, Wolf Head Books and Publishing, is now accepting submissions in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, and Historical Fiction.

WHBP is accepting shorter and longer works. Shorter work will probably be put into a collection, longer works are stand alone. If you want to submit to Wolf Head Books and Publishing, click here.

I hope that I can publish stories that readers will enjoy and find inspiring.

Good luck to all those that submit.

The Fantasy Novel Checklist

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This are the steps to take when writing a fantasy novel. Well the steps I’m taking when writing a fantasy novel. I hope it helps anybody else who wants to give it a shot.

Fantasy Novel Checklist

___ Draw A Map.Include Interesting Places of Note that Could Possibly Be Used in Story

___ Draw Inhabitants Of People or Races on Map

___ Develop Creatures and Eco System for World, Record in World Building Notebook

___ Place Creatures of Importance on Map, Indicate Rest in World Building Notebook

___ Develop Language For Each Race as Needed in Current Book, Record in Culture Notebook

___ Develop Culture For Each Race as Needed in Current Book, Record in Culture Notebook

___ Develop the History of the Interesting Places of Note. Record in World Building Notebook

___ Develop Characters as Needed in Current Book, Record in Character Notebook

___ Develop Plot, Using Ideas From Past Check Points, Record in Plot Notebook and Cards

___ Begin Writing Book

___ Go Back to Any Check Point and Add Details as they are Needed While Writing Book

There is a lot more to each check point. Like in culture, you have to develop home life, community, religion, government. Each one of those will have different things related like architecture, clothing, magic, science, folk lore, music.

Characters are going to have many questions aside from physical attributes and habits. You need to go into past life, future plans, present problems. What do they need now, and how are they getting it. What are the things they have done they don’t want others to know about. How will they react if people do know, etc.

There is a lot to this list, but I break it down in an order that will help me move ahead and get the book finished. I placed it in a certain order for a reason.

I find that if I don’t have a map, I don’t have a place to start. I then find I need to place people on the maps, and creatures and other important places of note. I don’t know anything about the people or the creatures, or the places, but I know I will know when I start researching the languages of the people, and the culture, and developing the ecosystem, and the creatures. I have to do it in order.

Once that is done, I can then go and create characters based on their culture. Once I learn about the people I will then work on my plot. Usually if I’m not sure what I need for a plot, it will start developing as I learn about the characters.

If I have a plot already, I can work the people to fit into it. But usually, so far anyways, the plot comes after I develop the people.

Now you write.

While your writing, you will find there are things you need to know about. So then go back and research it as you write. Don’t try to research everything at once, because half of it you won’t even use. If you try to research everything, you will never get to writing. Just research enough to get the book started. Then research as you need the info.

Hopes this helps.

Near Death Experiences: Proof Of An Afterlife?

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I’ve recently been trying to figure out for myself if I believe in the christian afterlife, or in an afterlife of some religious belief. I like any other person out there, will ponder the chances of going to hell or heaven, if such places actually exist.

I believe I have a soul. It makes sense to me that myself, what I see as myself, my mind, is not just a bunch of blood floating in the brain, but actually another scientifically explainable intelligence using the body as it’s ride, or tool. If it’s not scientifically explainable now, I believe it will be in the future. I have my own theories on it, but that is a whole other article.

So my main concern belongs to the idea that a near death experience (NDE) may be proof of an afterlife. I know people of my old religion of Mormonism that claim to have scene the different levels of heaven, and talked to Jesus. Mormons believe in different levels of heaven by the way. But this also brings up another concern.

If Mormons see the different levels of heaven, or have Jesus explain that they are in one level, of the three levels, and the afterlife they see is what Mormons teach, then why is it that members of other more mainstream christian groups don’t see that version of heaven. They see heaven and hell, like it is black and white. Or members of non christian groups like Hinduism see their own version of the afterlife.

Now I have no documentation, nothing to prove what I’m saying is true. I just read a bunch of stuff on the internet. Of course more then one source. Many sources. There seems to be a pattern though. People that have followed a belief system, or where brought up around a belief system, even if it is not their own, seem to have NDEs that relate to those upbringings.

I read some NDEs of Atheists. They had NDEs that involved Jesus, and hell, and heaven. So you would say then that proves God exists. Well think about it this way. Many Atheists grow up in christian communities and are surrounded by Christians. They may not believe in God, but their mind runs free just like others in a NDE experience and they can see multiple things, many similar to christian NDEs.

But at the same time, not all NDEs are about an afterlife. There are many accounts of seeing a story replay, or parts of the NDE experiencer’s life replay. Even Christians don’t all just see a black and white heaven and hell, with jesus, or angels. I read an account where one Christian saw Jesus, but it was an half Jesus half Centaur.

I am a big believer in the mind. The mind is extremely powerful. I also believe that our souls will move on after death, but I am not believing in the religious version of an afterlife. I believe my intelligence will move on and embody something else. An evolutionary process of knowledge. Something tangible, just not yet by our technology. An energy source untrappable.

And when I die, my intelligence will be free of my current body, will join whatever pool or intelligent source to be used in something else. So in essence, I will probably never recognize myself as myself after I die. I’ll be gone, but part of something bigger. And I’ll know I’m something bigger, knowing that I had at once given intelligence to become Cuyler Callahan, an Earth Human, and now taking the intelligence which grew, and adding it to the collection. Almost like farming intelligence I suppose. An evolutionary process. Something natural, and mappable with the proper technology.

I believe that NDEs are the result of the human mind in a dieing state, some which take longer to die then others. They may even read dead, but have such a low amount of life left in them, that it’s not readable by our equipment today. And our brain has grown up in a society where an afterlife is taught to exist, or the subject is around us all the time, especially if your non christian and have to deal with Christians and explain your beliefs to them.

So the brain believes, even if you never believed in an afterlife, that the soul is going to an afterlife, and in the dead state, or almost dead state, it plays out a scenario which is close to the beliefs, or beliefs it has been subjected to by others. It is something programmed to happen. That is why Hindu’s see their afterlife and God, Muslim’s their afterlife, Christians Jesus, or angels, heaven and hell, Mormons their version of heaven, hell or outer darkness as its more commonly called.

It’s a Neurological program that has subconsciously told itself what is going to happen, so when your in the clinically dead state, the mind starts the process. Also, when you clinically die, many different hormones and chemicals get released into the brain. These are also many of the same chemicals that cause hallucinations. These hallucinogens will easily help the brain launch its pre programmed afterlife and making the NDE seem way more real and convincing.

I also read in many cases, that a lot of NDEs are not even related to an afterlife. Lots of times people have said to have lived in the story of a book they read, or a movie they saw. Or their favorite lifetime fictional character came to life and talked with them. So really, that is just one more point proving NDEs aren’t really the soul going to heaven or hell.

So my conclusion. NDEs are a result of social and religious conditioning. I believe in an afterlife, but nothing even close to what we will experience individually. Maybe our soul will be able to walk around and have it’s own identity for a while, but I think eventually, without a body as a vessel, it will slowly be absorbed by the collective intelligence. Live life well, and have fun while your here.

Written by Cali

September 22nd, 2010 at 12:32 am

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