This website is where I share parts of myself with the online population. I share my thoughts, my knowledge, my soul. If I feel I want to put it on this website I will.

I feel that a lot of what I share on this website will be useful to other people. If you are an aspiring writer you may want to stay in touch with this website. I myself am an aspiring writer, so you can learn from my own mistakes.

You may also find that on this website I share some deep thoughts. I find out a lot about myself by writing what is currently in my mind, asking questions and answering, or just random ramblings. I hope whatever I write and discover will also help you out as well.

A lot of what I write is for my own use. A journal of sorts of things I’ve discovered or am experimenting with. It may help you, it may not. Either way, it’ll be there for you to read.

I am interested in a lot of different topics and try to ply my trade to different activities. Some include: writing, marketing, stock trading, music, digital and traditional art, publishing, web design, farming, mechanics, science, tech, computers etc. I’m into a lot of stuff. What I share on here will range greatly in topic. Whatever I feel like writing about will make it onto this website. Just search by category to find what you want that interests you.

I will post links to websites that I found interesting, and that I think others will find interesting. I also will let you know that I will recommend some websites that if you end up giving your money to them, I will get a commission.

I will not hide this fact that I may be paid for recommendations of products. I will however not recommend any products for purchase unless I honestly think they will be beneficial to the purchaser, so therefore I’m not afraid to let you know I may receive money for some products I recommend to you.

I would have recommended them anyways even if I wasn’t getting paid, but because they have affiliate programs, I might as well cash in on it. I’m sure many of you out there would do the same. We all could use some extra cash to get by.

Some of the material on my website may be offensive to some people out there. If that is the case, you can either decide not to read my material, or you can leave my website. I will not change how I think, or my beliefs, so a few other people out there can be happy. If you don’t like my website then don’t visit it. My opinions and thoughts are my own, I’m simply sharing them with anybody who cares to take an interest in what I have to share.

Also some of the material on my website may not be of interest to you. It may just be something I posted to help me get my mind straight. If you aren’t interested in it, there may be something else that is. This website has a search function, and a list of the archives, as well as a category menu. If what you see on the front page does not interest you, browse through my website with the options I just listed and you may find something else of value. What is shown on the front page is just my most recent additions to the content of the website.

Feel free to sign up with the website using the register option at the bottom of the right side menu. This will allow you to post and comment on my website. Though please don’t leave spam. I will end up deleting it anyways, and if it gets to bad I will have to start to monitor my comments. This takes up my time, and also doesn’t allow the commentators the convenience of seeing the comments pop up right away.

I hope you will all enjoy my website and I also hope you will come back again and again to see what I’m up to and what you can learn from my writings here.


Cuyler Callahan