The wife and I enjoying Alberta winter

I have a love for story. Who doesn't? Every person on the planet loves a good story... unless something's wrong with you.

For thousands of years, humans have sat around the firepit to tell the latest tale. We've passed them down orally, and then, we invented writing.

What a great time to live. To write... I love it. To tell stories and deliver a message. And, if done right, the message will stick in the head, the heart, the soul, and the reader will come back for more.

That, my friends, is my goal. To write stories you can't escape. Can I deliver... only you can discover the truth by reading my stories.

My goofy twin boys

A variety of life experiences assist my creativity when I write.

I spent 5 Years in the Canadian Forces, have 10 Years as a Heavy Equipment Technician, and a lifetime of farming in both the beef and dairy culture. I spend a lot of time with cows and don’t plan on giving that up.

I spent 5 weeks in India, experiencing some of the craziest traffic I’ve ever seen, but also ate some of the best food a tongue can taste.

I spent the first half of my life in Northern British Columbia, the majority of my second around the Capital Region of Alberta. 

I love dogs, and my current love is Lady Abigail. A basset hound. Need I say more…

Okay, here is a picture.

My Lady Abigail

My family consists of my wife and twin boys.

I love farming, writing, and learning…

I get obsessed easily with new topics. A skill that comes in real handy when researching for my latest writing project.

So, if I sound like a down-to-earth fella you think can write a good story, check some of my free stories, or support a writer and buy a book.