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Email Copy Sample # 1 Fiction Marketing Template

I created this email series template for writers of fiction. They can use it to market their fiction books to an email list.

Starter Template For Wolf Head Fiction Marketing Subscribers



  • Subject Line Sells The Open

  • Body Content Sells The Click

  • Landing Page Sells The Product


Introduction Series - New Leads Only


  • Introduce yourself/company – Message should always come from a person (not a faceless company)

  • Set expectations for what they will receive

  • Tell them the benefits of being a subscriber/lead

  • Get them to make tiny commitments

  • Create curiosity. Leave a cliffhanger. (So they're excited about the arrival of your next message.)

  • Be personal. Remember, this is a digital hug.

  • Old leads go into a Content Series - Similar to the Introduction Series, but used as a reminder, rather than an introduction. Your giving an old friend a digital hug.

Introduction Email # 1 - Welcome Email (Comes From Real Person)


Subject Line: Welcome To Author Name's Reader List





I'm Cuyler Callahan, writer of [Series/Book Name/Short Story Sent If No Book Or Series Yet]. I'm a big fan of [genre name]. I just want to say hello, welcome, and thanks for joining me and expressing a desire to read my fiction. I want you to be a fan, and I'll always put my best effort to make that happen by writing fantastic fiction.


[Insert a genre related picture here.]


I'm excited to know you're reading the story I sent you. You should have received it by now. If not, shoot me a reply, and I'll send you it again. You can expect more to come.


I reward my readers with giveaway contests. You can expect some in the future. I'll send an email invite to win some cool [genre] related prizes. Who doesn't like the chance to win?


I'll send work-in-progress updates about my current [genre] writing projects as well. I like to share insights into the fiction I write. No spoilers here, however. At least not on purpose.


I read [genre], and I like to talk about fiction I've read. So I'll let you know about the latest [genre] story that I really enjoyed. If you have read it too, please respond and let me know what you think about the story as well. Conversation is always welcome.


I do sell some of my fiction. A writer has to eat and feed the family as well. But you will get the premium treatment. I like to discount new releases. I also will run specials and other promotions throughout the year. You will be the first to know about these promotions and new releases. Oh, and I usually have bonus content for my group as well. Maps, concept art, book marks, and desktop backgrounds. You can only get it here.


Stories in the inbox, chances to win prizes, awesome [genre] book reviews, bonus material, and your chance to grab my books at limited time discount prices. I know you'll enjoy your time with me.


You don't want to miss these emails. So you need to white-list my email address: [email protected]. Find instructions on how to white-list at


I want to hear from you. An easy way to connect with me and other readers of my fiction is to engage on Facebook. Join me on Facebook and send me a cool [genre] meme. [I love those ones from Stark Trek: The Next Generation.]


[Insert Meme]


I told you, I'm completely thrilled you are reading my fiction, so I'll be sending you another of my favourites tomorrow. Be on the lookout for an email from me. I'm sending you a [high-action, blood-freezing, ice-planet sci-fi].  But you have to wait for it, so check your email tomorrow.


P.S. In the coming days, you're going to surprised... in a good way.


I want you to read my [genre] fiction, and I want you to be a fan. But you can't do that unless you actually read my fiction.


You'll be experiencing the gift of two more [genre] fiction stories from me in your inbox over the next few days. They are related to [series name/book name] [I am writing/I wrote/ I want to write], and you can read them in short time, like during a lunch break, or when your out for coffee. What better way to enjoy a lunch break... lost in another world.


I'm not telling you anything more. That is for you to find out. Stay tuned... keep checking for my emails... it's going to be good.


Keep exploring the stars,



Introduction Email # 2


Subject Line: Here is [Genre] Story # 2 ( As Promised)




In my last email, I promised I would be sending you two more [genre] fiction stories. I can't wait for you to read them... but before I give you your next story, I want to introduce myself.




That is a picture of me with [DESCRIBE PICTURE AND WHY IT IS SIGNIFICANT].


[Example: That is a picture of me holding up the first book in the Awesome Book Series Name Chronicles. I was so excited to receive the printed copy in my hands. I have so much passion and enthusiasm for this series. I want you to feel the same about my fiction as I do.]


So, now that we are no longer strangers, you can have your story... click below:


[Link or Button to Story]


This is the [genre] fiction story I promised you. You are going to love it. It is a [prequel, side story, etc.] to [series/book name] [I wrote/ I'm writing/ I want to write]. You can read it in 15 minutes. Have a coffee, tea, whatever your choice is, and spend some time in another world.


Go get your copy onto your reading device now, because there is more coming, and you want to have this little [genre] nugget digested before you receive more.


[Link  or Button to Story]


Cheers, Planet Watchers,




P.S. Ok... So I have a little something extra for you. I was browsing the old interweb, and I found this awesome thing called a meme. You know I love memes. I couldn't help but share it. It was just perfect. It really does pay to read to the end.


Click here to go check out the awesome [genre] meme I found. Tomorrow, the next [genre] fiction story I promised will be on its way. Watch your inbox for the subject line: [Insert Subject Line for Next Email]

Introduction Email # 3


Subject Line: Here is Your 3rd [genre] Fiction Story



In the last two emails, you have received:


[Title Of Short Story]


[Title of Short Story]


... along with a not-so-flattering picture of me [description of picture from email].

I also sent you a pretty sweet [genre] meme, if I say so myself.


If you missed any of those, you might want to do a search in your email inbox for [subject lines of emails #1 and #2].


Go ahead and search. I can wait a bit. 😉


Okay, so now that you're all caught up with me, you need to check out this [genre] story.


[Link or Button to Short Story]


This is one of my real favourites. I really saved the best for last.


You're about to read another 20 minutes of high-paced action, heart-pumping thrills, and romance-aching drama in the core of the ice planet Darnel. Once again, this is a [side story/pequel/ etc] to the [series name/book name] [I wrote/ I'm writing/ I want to write].


This is, without any argument on my end, the best of the [genre] fiction short stories you have read so far. You loved the last two, so I know you're itching to read this story.


So what are you waiting for. Go get it on your reading device and consume it now:


[Link or Button to Short Story]


Talk to you soon space explorers,




P.S. Like what you've read from me? (I sure hope so.)


Then good news!


[Every Week/Twice A Week/ Once a month/ Etc.] I sent out more content like you have experienced so far, plus more. There will be some real gems to come.


Want to see more content from me, check out this: [link to pillar post, archive on blog, blog].


But here is the real deal, you need to white-list my email address: [[email protected]]...

and mark all my emails as “Important” if you're using Gmail. See more white-listing instructions here:


Also, make sure you're following me on Facebook and Twitter, because I also announce new content and updates there. I don't want you to miss out on any great opportunities.

Join me on Facebook here: [Insert Facebook link]

Follow me on Twitter here: [Insert Twitter Link]

Engagement Series


Engagement Email # 1 - Gain


Subject - Curiosity Based: Yep, you will want to see this?


You requested to read my [genre] fiction story about [insert story description]. I wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to read it yet. It would mean a lot if you did. Besides, it’s a great story. If you read it, I’m sure you know that already. 😉


But I wanted to make sure you saw this now: [Link to landing page of novel]


If you enjoyed my stories, and if you’re a serious [genre] [geek/fan/nerd/enthusiast etc,], you want more [genre] fiction. You want more time in a [genre] world you already know rocks, with great characters, and tense-conflict. We all do. That is what makes a great story. You already spent, or at least I hope you spent, time in my [genre] world of [story world] when you read my short stories.  That is what makes my novel the next best step to take for hours of more [genre] entertainment.


Not only is it more hours of entertainment in a world you already love, at only [book price - can be discounted], it is a tiny amount, the price of a coffee actually, to pay for hours of time in another world where you can live a life of adventure, fighting dragons, and kissing elves, so you can forget about the stresses of this world.


So get it now while it is still at this low price, and you won’t regret it.


[Link to Landing Page]


Grab a copy now while it is fresh in your mind, and while the price is low.


Explore space adventurously, friend,




Engagement Email # 2 - Logic

Subject - Pressure Based: I’m a little surprised…



Greetings, space explorer,


I’m more than a bit surprised if you didn’t take me up on this:


[Link To Novel Landing Page]


If you really want hours of [genre] fiction entertainment in a world you already love to spend time in, and I’m pretty sure you do, or you wouldn’t have even read all the fiction I sent you, then this is a logical next read for you.


And remember, not only will you have hours of [genre] fiction entertainment, you will also be immersed in a world of highly developed and conflicted characters fighting a spy agency nobody even knows exists. Who doesn’t want to forget the stresses of our world to live in an adventure like that.


So GRAB YOUR COPY NOW before you regret not reading this highly entertaining [genre] novel.


[Link To Novel Landing Page]


Cheers, captain,




Engagement Email # 3 - Fear


Subject: Fear Based - Last Chance…?


Body - If there Is going to be a price increase or offer expiration - True Scarcity:


I know you probably did already, but if you didn’t, this is pretty much your last chance to grab your copy of [book name], at this price:


[Link to Novel Landing Page]


On [Insert Date], the [price is going up - or offer is closing], so you need to grab your copy now, because you might not see a [price] price tag for this book for a while.


Don’t miss out on your chance to forget about the stresses of your own world by spending hours in the world of [story name].


Enter this thrilling [genre] world about lovesick gnomes, and fierce eagle-flying knights now, or risk missing out on your chance to immerse yourself in the world of [story world] completely:


[Link to Novel Landing Page]

Good luck navigating the stars, space trucker,



Body - If no price increase or expiring offer - no scarcity:


Because it is time to explore new worlds for me, I’m about done talking to you about this:


[Link to Novel Landing Page]


For the last few days, I have encouraged you to grab my [genre] novel while you can if you haven’t already, but now I need to move on.


After today, I won’t be reminding you about my novel any longer.


So, if you haven’t taken advantage already, this is your last chance to forget about the stresses of this world while you spend hours in the world of [story world].


Enter this thrilling [genre] world about lovesick gnomes, and fierce eagle flying knights now, or risk missing out on your chance to lose yourself in the world of [story world] completely:


[Link to Novel Landing Page]


Good luck navigating the stars, space miner,




P.S.: Remember, not only will you experience hours of [genre] adventure in a world you already love and know, but you will also explore and experience new adventures in that same world, allowing you to get to know the world of [world name] even further.


Make the cosmic decision, and start reading NOW:


[Link to Novel Landing Page]

Have You Yet/Are you still? Email # 4 - Gain


Note: Make sure you are watching price jumps when setting this up.

Subject:Still Looking For Great [Genre] Fiction?



Are you still look for great [genre] fiction? I know you are, or you wouldn’t have opened my email, or read my [genre] fiction short stories.


I didn’t want to bother you again. But if you didn’t already jump on this, I just had to remind you again:


[Link To Novel Landing Page]


You already read some fiction of mine based in the [genre] world of [story world]. You read it, and you still have shown you want to hear from me. So what’s holding you back from spending [price], less then a cup of coffee, for hours of entertainment in a [genre] world you are familiar with and already love?


Stop looking for that next great [genre], forget about the real world, and spend hours fighting werewolves and stopping an international conspiracy!


Grab your copy NOW:


[Link to Novel Landing Page]


Get cozy, and read about intense characters, deep conflict, and time jumping.


Cheers, space farer,




P.S. The price is going up soon/ Grab before life takes over and you forget.


[Link to Novel Landing Page]


Have You Yet?/ Are You Still? Email # 5 - Logic


Subject: Have you read [novel name] yet?



I just don’t get it. You still open my emails. You must have read my [genre] short stories by now…so are you still looking for a [genre] story to lose yourself in, so you can forget the worries of your own world?


Well, unless you have already, why haven’t you taken advantage of this:


[Link to Novel Landing Page]


It just doesn’t make sense to me. You are getting a full [genre] novel, providing you with hours of entertainment in a world you have spent time in and already know is awesome. You already know you like this [genre] world. You know I write quality fiction that keeps you reading.


The logical decision would be to spend the [price], and go read my book full of cop chases and time-travelling gophers NOW:


[Link To Novel Landing Page]


You already know you want to read it.


Cheers, time traveller,



P.S. The price is going up soon/ Grab before life takes over and you forget


[Link to Novel Landing Page]


Have You Yet?/Are You Still? Email # 6 - Fear

Subject: [genre] novel, still looking?




I mentioned a while back I wouldn’t bother expelling the effort and time trying to convince you to read my [genre] novel anymore. But I believe so much in by [genre] fiction, that I couldn’t resist trying one more time… and I mean


It also appears you still haven’t found that next time-sucking [genre] story that will take your stresses of the world and shove them to the backburner for hours at a time… you are still looking, right?


I thought so...


Don’t miss out on your chance to end that search.


So, unless I’m totally bonkers, and you’re already are a raving fan of what I’m about to show you, I know you are going to love this:


[Novel Landing Page Link]


Still looking for a great [genre] with intense conflict, deep characters, and cliffhangers that keep you turning the pages? I know I asked that already, but I want it to sink in. You are still looking, and you could miss out on your chance to finally find that [genre] novel.


How about all that, but in a [genre] world you already know? Then you need to see this before the price goes up/ because I’m really done dedicating writing time trying to convince you this is the book for you.


You love my [genre] world of [world name]. You spent time in it already.


So spend more time solving monster mysteries on a back-water, astroid-mining planet in [novel name] before it’s too late:


[Novel Landing Page Link]


Happy space travel,




P.S: This is the last time you will hear from me about [novel name]/ The price for [novel name] is going up soon. Don’t miss out:


[Novel Landing Page Link]



  • Note: You are trying to sell the next book in the series, or another stand alone book in the genre you write in.

  • Use Gain/Logic/Fear again

  • You will have to tweak for standalone novels. The starter emails are written for series novels.

Upsell Email # 1 Gain

Subject - Curiosity Based: Did you see this yet?



Hey, alien hunter,


You recently purchased [novel name], and I just wanted to give a great big thank you for supporting me. It’s people like you that help me continue pumping out the [genre] fiction like I do.


I’m so happy you are one of my readers, so I wanted to make sure you saw this:


[Novel Landing Page]


If you’re as serious about [genre] fiction as I am, then you know a great [genre] series is the way to roll. A great [genre] fiction series can entertain you for weeks... months… even years, depending on how ferocious of a reader you are. You want to be sucked into a world, engrossed in the details and characters, and you want to be part of the community surrounding that series.


The [series name] will do all of that. You will lose yourself for hours, forgetting about the stresses of your world as you fight swamp dogs and battle high tech civilizations. And even better, you have direct communication with the author… that would…me.


So grab it while you still can:


[Link To Novel Landing Page]


Don’t let yourself forget about the world of [story world] that has brought you so much entertainment. Grab your copy while it’s still fresh in your mind.


Talk soon, space farmer,



Upsell Email #2 Logic


Subject- Pressure based: Maybe I’m whacked... but




Maybe I’m short a few, and maybe you already checked out and took advantage of what I’m about to show you. But if not, I’m confused you still haven’t taken me up on hours of hiding from the real world. See what I mean here:


[Link to Novel]


If you really wanted to explore deep oceans, and fight giant space squid, you would have purchased [novel name] by now. I can’t believe you would have read [book in series before current offer book] and then not continue on with the next logical book choice, book [list book number sequence in series]. Why else would you have read [book before offer book], and then continued to receive communications from myself?


I must be a great writer… 😉


Reading this… [Link to Novel Landing Page]... is the next logical step in your quest to escape the real world. You know you want to toss pirates over the railings because they tried to kiss your sister.


Remember, not only will you get hours of [genre] entertainment, you will continue on the adventure you started in book [previous book in series]. You loved that book. That book sucked you into it’s world like a squid’s tentacles. It drowned out the sounds of reality for hours… and you were very happy about it... weren’t you?


Of course you were. You’re listening to me now, aren’t you. That’s not a question.


So grab your copy of [novel name] NOW:


[Novel Landing Page]


It only makes sense, pirate hunter,



Upsell Email # 3 Fear

Subject - Fear Based: Last Chance?


Body: True Scarcity (Discounts Ending, Limited Offer etc.)


So, if you haven’t already, this is about the last time you’ll get a chance to grab your copy of [novel name] at this price:


[Link to Novel]


On [insert date], the [price is going up to $xxx - or - offer is closing], so you need to grab your copy now. There’s a good chance you won’t see this offer for a while.


Happy dragon slaying, honourable knight of the round table,




P.S. You’ll experience even more dragon-slaying adventure, just like in [previous novel name]. More than enough to hide your mind from the worries that plague you. But more than that, you’ll also continue on the adventure you started in [book before this novel]. Are you a quitter? Can’t handle the pressure of slaying dragons to save your girl?


I didn’t think so.


Get off your war horse and grab your copy of [novel name]: [Link To Novel]


Adventure awaits… if you hurry up and don’t forget about it.


Body: No Scarcity


So I’m done. If you already took advantage, great, and please ignore the rest. But if not, I’m done trying to convince you about this:


[Link To Novel]


I’ve  spent the last few days encouraging you to continue on chasing time-travelling gophers. Enough is enough. I need to start spending time on my next adventure. I like to continue my adventures. You won’t hear me talking about [novel name] any longer.


This is your last chance to avoid thinking about this stressful world. Instead, you can time travel and hunt gophers.


You need to take advantage though. Before it’s too late. You don’t want to miss out:


[Link To Novel]


All the best, time traveller,



P.S. You’ll experience even more time-travelling, gopher-hunting adventure, just like in [previous novel name]. More than enough to hide your mind from the worries that plague you. But more than that, you’ll also continue on the adventure you started in [book before this novel]. Are you a quitter? Can’t handle the pressure of hunting time-travelling gophers? I know. Their scary, aren’t they.


I didn’t think so.


Get off your war horse and grab your copy of [novel name]:


[Link To Novel]


Adventure awaits… if you hurry up, so you don’t forget about it and miss out.

NOTE: An are you still/have you yet? series can be added to the end of the ascension series if wanted.