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Finding Inner Peace and Avatar

Published December 28, 2009 in Exploring Myself , Humans , Our World , Ponderings - 0 Comments

I went and saw that movie that just came out called “Avatar”. It was a great movie. Probably the best movie, I would say, that I have ever seen in my life. It surpassed all my other previous favorite movies.

Why did it make it to the top of my most favorite list? Because it made me think. Almost to a point where I regretted being a human being. It opened up questions about myself that I am now trying my best to answer and get myself back on my feet and in a stable emotional state.

This movie made me realize the brutality of the human species. It opened up the realization that we are a mean species. We destroy others to make sure we survive. At the same time I understand this, and this is what has made our species so powerful and strong.

But this trait has led to the destruction of beautiful things. When we came from across the ocean we destroyed a culture of people, the natives of north North America, until we have what we do today. I understand we were stronger, so we won the battles and the wars and our species has improved to what we have today. Was this wrong what we did? Or was it natural and just part of our species natural cycle?

Either way, I had to really think about myself and what I believed was right and wrong. I think that our species may be a brutal one, where war prevails, and peace is a dream that we probably will never reach.

But I also realized that underneath the greedy culture we are, the cooperate wolfs, the dirty industrialism, the war hungry instincts, we have a beautiful world, full of beautiful creatures, and even though we as a general population have lost our touch with our mother, our world, we still sometimes reference her in our songs, our stories.

We still are able to go back to her when ever we feel we need to. We can view her, love her creatures, spend time in her forests, mountains, prairies , oceans. There are even those religious types that have figured out ways to communicate with the nature, or so they claim. I want to look further into this idea.

Our species may be rough, but in order to live in this world, we have to get along with each other, at least with people in our own groups. It is probably not even wise to hope that our countries will all get along, but if we can at least make peace within our own countries, or own groups of people, we can find happiness.

It is not a good idea to dwell on the dark side of our species. To find an inner peace in this world, you need to look at the positive side of our species. Don’t look at the dark side, don’t focus on the negativities, on the evils of our species. Focus on the good parts.

I don’t want to condone turning a blind eye though. As much as it is natural for humans to be the tougher dog, the alpha male, and to strive for power over the pack, we need to always strive to do good, whatever the definition of good may be.

By striving for peace, we will keep our species from going into utter chaos and not allowing the full beast of our species from unleashing itself upon our world. It is by the acts of people like environmentalists, charitable organizations, peace activists, and even soldiers and police as long as used correctly, that our world stays somewhat organized and in check for its actions.

I think we shouldn’t focus on evils that one person can’t fix. If there is a major issue that must be addressed, focus on doing a small part, a humanly possible part, to fix it. By giving smaller individual efforts that contribute to a group of efforts, greater evils can be addressed and fixed.

But how does this all contribute to finding inner peace within yourself? Well maybe it won’t help you, the reader, find inner peace in yourself. I’m writing this because I had to. I found issues in myself after watching Avatar that I needed to address, and by writing, I’m addressing them. Through writing I find I can answer questions I have. It’s like self therapy.

By writing this I have found a peace in myself. I have figured out that I can love myself for being a human being. I can love the human race, and it’s beauties. I have learned to accept our brutality, and look at the positives of our race.

I have also learned that I want to be closer to nature. I want to remember that if it wasn’t for our beautiful earth, I wouldn’t be here today. Maybe this will indicate a career change in the future. Right now I’m a soldier. Maybe I will want to do something that includes the environment.

I also want to pursue the arts a bit harder. Focus more on my music. Maybe even try my hand at photography. Now you can see why Avatar is a favorite movie of mine now. It has given me questions I needed answers for, and I have discovered the answers.

I have learned to love myself, my species, my world, and to pursue my interests more readily.

It is interesting what a good piece of art will bring out of it’s viewers.

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