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Hire a Freelance Copywriter like you Vs. Digital Marketing Firm/Ad Agency?

I have nothing against marketing firms and ad agencies, but if the project you need completed is copy, you’ll save money by coming to me. I don’t have high overhead as I work remotely.

Besides, a lot of agencies don’t have in-house copywriters, or in-house (insert talent here) as it is. They’ll manage the project and farm out the talent, and they’ll mark up the price so they get their cut of the copywriter’s fees. Hell, you could hire an agency to write your copy, and they could hire me to write the copy for them. But… they’ll mark up my fees, so they get their cut.

If I go the freelance route, why should I hire you over another freelance copywriter?

I have an incredible work ethic and passion for writing. I don’t doubt other copywriters do as well. But, I also have extensive knowledge in marketing theory as a whole, so I know where my copy fits into your marketing strategy. I’ll make recommendations to your marketing strategy to ensure the best audience reaches the copy I produce. Even the best copy performs poorly if unqualified audiences read it.

I also offer marketing consulting services and can assist in the planning of marketing campaigns at any stage. This knowledge works hand in hand with my copywriting services. Regardless if you use my consulting services for your campaign, my expertise will ensure the copy I produces works for the strategy it is a part of, and the audience that reads it.

I’ll research the audience I’m writing for, ensure the offer is targeted to that audience, and then engineer the copy so it compels the targeted reader to take action.

Every piece of copy I produce is tailored to the audience and the offer. I don’t just slap words on a page. Every. Word. Matters

The Customer Journey is all part of the process, and where they are on that journey will determine the type of copy they’re exposed to.

What copywriting services do you provide?

All my services can be found here:  copywriting services and consulting

Do You Also Offer Consulting?

Yes. I understand you may not actually need somebody to write copy for you, but rather advise on the copy you’ve written, or your marketing campaign as a whole.

Maybe the prices of my services are too high for you right now. I still want you to succeed. My consulting services are the perfect way to get your marketing goals on track, and at a price suitable for low budget startups.

I can study your current campaign and suggest changes to increase fluidity of your Customer Journey from first contact to first purchase to future purchases.

What I don’t consult on: I don’t consult on software or platform specific technical issues. Although I can consult on your Facebook ad campaign and how it relates to your over-arching marketing strategy, I can’t advise you on technical issues you may be having with the platform. I can always find you a platform expert to assist you with the nuances of specific ad or social media platforms.

How much do your copywriting services cost?

Every project is quoted individually, because every project is different. I’ll communicate with you before submitting a final project proposal. My quoted price will reflect the amount of research time, consultation time, and the length and type of copy I’ll be expected to complete.

I assure you, my rates are competitive and even lower than some of the large agencies with much higher overhead costs due to their size.

I will not charge more than the price I quote you. But I do reserve the right to tack on my Talent Scout Fee as needed to the Final Invoice. I also expect 50% of the quote to be paid before I start any work on the project. The final payment will be due upon delivery of the final invoice.

If you require consultation outside the scope of the project I’ve been asked to complete, that consultation time will also be added to any final invoice currently open, unless you require a separate invoice. This just saves some paperwork.

Example: You have given me a sales letter copy assignment. I’ve already quoted for consulting and research time. But you call me to ask for advice on an email series you are writing on your own, I’ll charge consulting fees for that advice because it doesn’t relate to the sales letter project.

What is your hourly rate?

I don’t charge hourly for my work. I do charge hourly for consulting unless it is included in a project or my consulting is retained.

However, the proposal will list the scope of the project, and if as requested by yourself, the scope changes, an addendum to the proposal will be written and agreed upon by both of us before moving forward with project changes.

How long it takes me to write the copy should not matter in the end. What is important are the results it generates. The action-driven conversions of the copy I write.

If you pay a low price for your copy, but it doesn’t convert, you wasted money.

Pay a higher price for good copy, and it does convert…

You just made money.

The reality is, good copy doesn’t cost money. It. Makes. Money.

You hire a copywriter like me for my ROI skills. My extensive knowledge in copywriting, marketing, and persuasion theory.

I base my rates on the value I provide, not the time.

Will you provide a quote before starting?

Of course. I understand the need for a business to plan out its budget, and a quote ensures you stay in budget.

Before I write up a quote, we’ll talk, and I’ll map out the scope of the project. I’ll plan out what will be involved. Then, I’ll write up the proposal which will include the quote.

Before work commences, the proposal needs to be signed by both parties: Myself, and You.

What are your terms?

I require a 50% deposit up front before I start work. The remaining balance is do on project completion.

I also reserve the right to add additional fees to the remaining balance.

These fees are:

Talent Scout Fees:

A fee I charge for finding and bringing in outside talent to complete work for you. (For example: I write the copy for a direct-response sales letter. You need the copy formatted for print and ask if I know anybody. I search for someone with the skills to format your letter, connect them with you, and I charge the Talent Scout Fee, added on to the final balance for the project.) It is pretty simple, and you can avoid it by searching for your own talent. The benefit is, once you have the contact with the person of talent, next time you won’t need me to search, and you can continue working with them.

Additional Consulting Fees:

Consulting fees will be addressed and quoted in the proposal for the project. However, if you want to consult with me about other aspects of your marketing campaign not directly related to the current project, I reserve the right to add that time to the final balance rather than bill a separate invoice, unless you specifically request it.

What are your accepted methods of payment?

If you are in Canada, I’ll accept company cheques, e-transfers, and PayPal,

If you don’t use PayPal, you can still pay with Visa or Mastercard as a guest through PayPal. It is quite simple, and I can send you a direct payment link.

If you are outside of Canada, you will be limited to using PayPal. Beware that PayPal does charge a currency conversion fee which is different depending on country of origin.

Wire Transfers from your bank to mine may also be possible. I’ll entertain this possibility if there are no other reasonable options.

Do you do B2B or B2C copywriting?

I like to think of myself as a B2H copywriter. What does this mean? It means nobody is writing business to business, or business to customer. Every “good” copywriter understands they always write to Humans.

Doesn’t matter if it is the Purchasing Controller for the medical lab on Main Street, or the shopper browsing for a new pair of pants on your clothing site. Every decision maker is human. A human who has to decide if they want your service or product.

So, yes, I can write for both business and consumer human types.

Can you describe your writing style

I write to people like I’m in the room with them. The tone of my copy, however, will change depending on the goal of the copy, and the audience I’m writing to.

I am familiar with style guides, and if your marketing department has a style guide I need to follow, I’ll gladly write within the confines of your guide until I find it restricts my ability to write good copy. Though I’ve never found a style guide that didn’t allow for broken rules if the need arose.

Why are you an unique copywriter?

I have a full understanding of marketing theory. While many copywriters will focus on the project in front of them, I want to see how the project I’m working on fits into the full marketing strategy. In order to write effective copy, I understand I need to know where the readers are coming from before they reach my copy, and where they need to go after they read my copy.

I write each piece of copy for a specific audience. Before I even write one piece of copy, I make sure I understand the target audience, that the offer is uniquely tailored to that audience, and then I write the copy to bring those two elements together.

I understand the challenges of tailoring an offer to specific target audiences, and that it may be difficult to do depending on the type of offer. In that case, I’ll frame the offer to make the audience feel like the offer was made for them. But, ultimately, targeting the offer directly for a target audience is always the best way to go.

So why am I unique? I understand the Customer Journey and my words make it easy.

I want a long-term copywriter. Will you accept retainers fees to secure your time?

I accept retainers for consultation. Any projects will require a proposal and time-frame. If you want me for a long-term project, a proposal can be drafted for it. Before I set my fee, we’ll have to talk more to secure the details and responsibilities of both sides to make it work.

The benefit of retainer is full access to me as a sounding board or to guide your marketing efforts. My insights can be valuable, and I can provide angles you haven’t thought of. When you do have a project for me, I’m already up to speed on your current situation. I draft the project proposal and off we go.

A retainer is a flat fee per month to access my brain.

What is your typical process from start to finish for a copywriting job?

We start off with a phone call. I’ll ask you questions about your current marketing campaign. Who is your audience? What do you want them to do? What is the offer? How much exposure have they had to your company previously? Many more questions like that. And if you don’t know all the answers, that is fine. I’ll work with what I can get, and I’ll do some extra research after our phone call to find more information.

If you have a complex product, I’ll want to speak to your product developers. They can give me insights into the product like the types of problems it solves, and why it is unique in the market.

Essentially, I want to gather all the information I can about the target audience, the product or service, and the offer to the audience regarding that product or service, before I even write one piece of copy to try selling it.

I want to identify where your target audience is on their customer journey. If you call asking me to write a sales letter, and my research leads me to believe all the traffic your sending that sales letter is cold, I’ll suggest writing some warm-up copy for your target audience before sending them to the big-ask sales letter.

Sales letters can and have worked on cold traffic, but they’ll work much better on warm, and even better on hot, traffic.

Once I have the information I need, I’ll write up the copy you request and send you a 1st draft for approval. I’ll make revisions as needed, and once your satisfied with every word, I’ll call the job done.

Do you meet with your clients?

Not usually. I work remotely from home. This keeps overhead costs lower, and allows me flexibility of when and where I work.

However, I do like to attend conferences on occasion, and if my clients also attend, I don’t mind meeting up for a drink or coffee.

Depending on the product or service being marketed, there are times where seeing the product or service in action will benefit my copywriting process. If this is the case, I am willing to meet up to see the product in action. Speaking to the operators of equipment can also help me identify the benefits of the product.

I do expect travel expenses to be paid for by the client.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. This is the proposal. I’ll write up the proposal and quote. Once we both agree on the proposal, we both sign it. It will detail the responsibilities of both parties, the scope of the work I’m agreeing to, and the payment details and terms. The agreement ensures we both know what to expect while working together.

What are your responsibilities when it comes to design work?

This is a confusing subject for many business owners. They hire a copywriter, and expect the writer to also design the graphics for the poster, or build the website, or print layout the brochure.

Copywriters are wordsmiths. They write compelling words. They focus on that one craft. The ability to persuade the readers to take action.

So, that is what I focus on. I can do some graphic and creative creation, but I’ll always reserve the right to pass that responsibility onto you if I feel the project is to complex for myself. Website work is very limiting for me unless you use the specific software I use. Thrive Themes. And then, it is limited to simple web pages and not full software integrations. Once again, I’ll reserve the right to pass the responsibility onto you if it is to complex. I can find the talented individuals who do that work if you don’t have anybody lined up already.

If you have a design ready before I write the copy, I can work within the confines of the design. However, be mindful the copy comes first. The copy is what sells. The design should enhance. So if the design hampers the copy, you may need to adjust the design to fit the copy.

If you don’t have a design, even better. I’ll draft the copy, and I’ll even give recommendations for designs to work with the copy. Most copywriters can give good design recommendations to help their copy stand out to the reader.

In the end, you’ll have a completed marketing asset you can take pride in.

How will you submit your copy?

I submit all my copy via Microsoft Word. I’ll send it via email. Depending on the arrangement, I may be able to directly upload it to your site or social media profile as well.

What happens if I don’t like your copy?

You must be satisfied with the work I produce. If you don’t like the first draft, I’ll hear your concerns and address them in the second draft, and the third, and the fourth. Whatever it takes to make you 100% happy in the copy I write for you.

There is a limit to how many times copy can be drafted before the changes are like polishing thrice polished chrome. Nothing really improves. I’ll know when this point is reached, and I’ll let you know as well.

If you absolutely hate what I have written, and it can’t be fixed with subsequent drafts, I’ll rewrite the whole piece from a new angle. Often a rewrite is the best solution.

How do you handle a change in a projects scope?

My quoted price is obviously based on a job scope outlined in the proposal. But I know projects can change, and as you work on your campaign, you may want me to take on additional work. No problem. An addendum to the current proposal is all we need, with an update quote.

How much does copy really matter?

Everything is copy. When words are written, or spoken, they have a purpose. Whether your purpose is met or not depends on your ability to form the right words.

Some people are natural speakers, and natural writers. Others must study the craft to perfect their ability. At the end, a copywriter emerges. A professional who knows the best combination to lock words together in an attractive prose the most stubborn of geezers can’t ignore.

You can throw a bunch of pictures of your product up. Beautiful pictures. Hire a pro photographer who can make your products stand out among the rest and…

Your product will get noticed. Your product will be examined. But unless your prospects know how your product works, and what problems it will solve, the product will sit on the shelf.

Your prospect picks up the competitors product with its crappy packaging, but amazing copy, and knows how it works, knows the problems it will solve, and really doesn’t give a damn how pretty the pictures look.

Great copy, with some great images work amazing together. But copy will always beat out images and design in a 1 on 1 fight.

Copy is the message. Images enhance the message. But without copy, there is no message to enhance, so then an image is just an image.

What copy do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy the longer form copy. It allows for the most effective space to get a message across. The challenge of keeping the audience reading and sliding down the page is an adrenaline rush once the sales flow in and you know you succeeded.

But, I also enjoy the shorter copy. Trying to convince the reader to make a desired action with only 5 words can be a real challenge I find exciting.

Can you incorporate SEO into your copy?

Yes I can. But I only recommend it for some types of copy.

I don’t recommend SEO for sales copy. That should be focused entirely on driving action from the reader, and your reader shouldn’t be finding the sales page from a search engine anyways. They just won’t convert well without prior exposure to your brand.

However, content marketing is a great place for SEO, as long as the SEO doesn’t interfere with the reader’s experience. And that is where I come in…

I can research great keywords for your content, or you can provide them yourself. I’ll incorporate those keywords into professionally written content while still driving a response from your reader and helping your website in the search engines.

I can also write your title tags and meta description tags. The meta description and title tags are essentially advertising copy that attracts the readers from the Search Engine onto your website. Title tags are the main search engine title, and meta descriptions are the little blurb that appears under the search title. This copy is important for people to actually select your title out of the search results.

You can have the best search engine results, but if your title and meta tags suck, people will skip right over you.

My Words 27 March 2020

Can you take on copywriting projects from a field of business you are unfamiliar with?

Yes. With a bit of time and research, I can be up to date with the language and lingo of your field. Existing marketing material and product/service literature will also be of help.

I enjoy researching new topics, so taking on the challenge of writing copy for a field I am unfamiliar with is a challenge I’ll gladly accept.

Marketing theory and copywriting principals are universal and apply to all fields of business. I just adapt to your field.

What if I just want you to edit copy I already wrote?

No problem. Once you hand me the copy, you can expect to be charged 1 hour for consulting. That is my minimum. I’ll assess your copy, and make any changes I have time for (if that is what your after upon initially giving me the copy). After the assessment of your copy, I’ll give you my recommendations for improvement. If there is more to be done with the copy, I can quote you for further editing if you desire. I can do everything from a full rewrite, to a line by line consult with you over video conferencing or phone. The choice is yours.

Do you have any samples or case studies available for me to look at?

Yes. Check out my case studies, portfolio, and education.

Can you do any other work besides copywriting like web design, graphics design, print layouts for brochures and posters, etc?

I don’t do this type of work. I am a word guy. I specialize in engineering words. I have not spent my time mastering the other skills of marketing. But marketing should be done in teams, with each person on the team bringing a special talent to the project. If you don’t already have a marketing team assembled, I can find the talent for you. Copywriters often work with creative professionals to get the copy we produce looking right for the client. So connections are made. I can search around for the talent you need. I do charge a Talent Scout Fee for this of $150 per talented individual I bring on board.

Do you take on all copywriting projects?

No. Depending on my current schedule, or the fit of the project, I do say no. If I think the project and myself are a bad fit, I’ll let you know ahead of time. I don’t want to put a lot of effort in, and waste your money, if I think the project and myself are a bad combination.

I also won’t take on a job if I think the surrounding marketing infrastructure is not ready for the copy. If you hire me to write a killer sales page for your product, but I don’t think you’ll be sending the right audience to the page, I’ll let you know. And unless we can rectify this first, I won’t take the job.

Often in cases like this, I’ll recommend allowing me to consult you first. We’ll plan out your marketing strategy and allocate the right resources. Once a plan is in place, I’ll take on the copy project.

I don’t want to waste your time, your money, and my time working on a project I think is doomed from the start. Let me help you build the right marketing infrastructure for the copy you want me to write.

How long after signing the contract does it take to get started and then complete a project?

I can’t give you a definitive answer. It will depend how many projects are lined up in my queue. Turn around time also depends on how big the project is. Obviously larger projects take longer, and smaller projects not so long.

If you are on a tight deadline, make sure I know before we sign the contract. If I can accommodate your deadline, I will. If I can’t, I won’t sign a contract I can’t live up to.

The project proposal will have estimated start and end dates, with some room for wiggle. That is when you’ll get the best answer to this question. I have to factor in a lot of variables when estimating completion times, and it really isn’t something I can give a blanket answer to here.

What If I don’t live near you? What if I live in another country?

No problem. My work is remote. I work from home. I rarely even see local clients face to face. We can speak over the phone or through video conferencing.

As long as you need your copy in English, we are good to go.

Will you sign non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements?

I have no problem signing a Non-disclosure Agreement. Your secrets are safe with me.

However, I rarely sign a Non-compete Agreement. I am a freelancer, and my income relies on the multiple clients I work for. I can’t risk being legally barred from taking on client work outside of your company.

If you insist on a Non-compete Agreement, and your desire to work with me is high, you can expect my rates to go up a lot. Probably double. There must also be significant work available on the table. I won’t sign it for one copy project. I’ll need months of work. The Non-compete Agreement can’t be longer than 6 months after our work together is completed, and it must limit me to working for a very narrow niche of companies.

Will you work for my competitors?

I’m a freelance writer. I’m not tied to any one business. Think of it this way. You hire a contractor to put a new roof on your business building. Then the roofer goes down the street and puts a roof on your competitors business building. Are you going to blame the roofer for taking on business from your competitors.

I do the same. If I get work from both you and your competitor, I’ll take both the jobs.

Now, I’m no idiot. If I know I’m working on one project related to a product that is the direct competition to another product, I’m not going to jump into that conflict of interest. I’ll say no to the competitor for that particular project. That doesn’t mean I won’t work on another project they have to offer.

And I’ll sign all the Non-Disclosure Agreements you want. I won’t say anything, My proposals also have a clause stating that if I’m being pried by a client for competitor information, I have the right to walk away from the project with my 50%, leaving the project unfinished. This is how seriously I take this.

If a prospect calls with a project, and I sense a conflict of interest scenario brewing, I won’t take the job at the time. I may let the prospect know I’ll be available for hire at a later date when the conflict of interest doesn’t seem as likely.

If you are worried about me working for a competitor, there are rare circumstances when I’ll sign a Non-compete Agreement. But you can expect my rates to double, and there needs to be at least a few months of work available for me. I also won’t sign a Non-compete Agreement for longer than 6 months after our working relationship has completed.

Who owns the copy you write for me?

You have full rights of any copy I deliver to you. This means you can re purpose it for other marketing materials. It is yours to do with as you please.

What do I do for the design of my copy project? Brochures, web design, print formatting?

If you don’t already have designers for your projects, I can find them for you. I do charge a Talent Scout Fee of $150 per individual brought onboard.

I can work with your designer to help communicate how the copy should be displayed.

I like what I’m hearing and want to discuss more about hiring you. How can we get in touch?

Love to talk with you more. You can send me an email or schedule a call.

Looking forward to speaking with you!