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Insta-scene: Smack That Grandma, Be a Hippie

Published August 22, 2010 in Insta-scene - 0 Comments

Trying something different here. Many times through out the day, I’ll think of a funny scene I would like to write. Of course, it’s not really fitting into a book or anything, it’s just random. Something I would like to put down on paper.

I’m going to call them “Insta-scene”. They don’t fit a story line. Maybe as this goes on, I’ll see scenes of the same characters or something, and there might be related scenes, and maybe that one day can become a book. Then maybe I’ll fit them together. But as is, these are meant to be read separately.

So I’ll go onto my first Insta-scene.


Cuyler Callahan


The sun beat down on the eight weary soldiers sweating their balls off in their heavy fighting gear. Sweat dripped off their noses, down, into the sand, which eagerly drank the moisture. Three took position behind a clump of rocks left of the house, another three behind an old rusted out car to the left. Two where farther up closer to the house, behind a bunch of sand bags, conveniently placed by the man who sought to defend his house, but now retreated inside. They all had their rifles pointed at the house, safeties off, ready to pull the trigger at the slightest movement.

Sergeant Dusten was up at the front. He had private Ethro beside him. Dusten felt something crawling through his dirty hair under his helmet. He hated to think what it could be. This dirty land was crawling with so many creepy crawlies he just thought it better not to think about it. But of course he did, constantly. He couldn’t even tell what color his hair was anymore. He knew it was grayish brown, but with all the sand and sweat, it looked more like mud. And now his helmet was on, keeping the grime in.

“Hey Ethro, I bet if you just walked in there, told the guy that you’ll fuck his mother if he surrenders, he’ll probably do it. He’s just so grumpy cause his mother hasn’t been laid since his conception, and if momma’s not happy, nobodies happy.” At a stand still like this, sometimes its nice to break the ice, keep things calm. When your all nervous and waiting, people make mistakes.

“Sergeant,” Ethro said, not straying from his sights, ” with all due respect, if I wanted to fuck grandma’s to end war, I’d become a hippie.”

“Ya, suppose,” Dusten chuckled. “Those hippies always thought you could have world peace by making love.” He adjusted his rifle a bit. “All you get from that is a bunch of more retards with more ideas different from everybody else, all ready to fight for their god damned ideas.”

“Hey Sergeant, it gives me a job.” Ethro should have shrugged, but he was trained, keeping his rifle aimed, not moving.

“That it does Ethro.”


There you go, my first Insta-scene. Something I just thought of, and decided it would be fun to actually write out. Hope you enjoy

Cuyler Callahan

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