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Katee Sackhoff the inspiration for Amelia Adams in The Last Hive

 November 3, 2020

By  CuylerC

So, a great exercise recommended by the fellas over at Sterling & Stone is to pick an actor to represent the characters in your story.

As the rough draft of The Last Hive is complete, I started writing the second story in the serial. Not sure what the serial will be called. But the working title for the second story is The Hive’s Fate… maybe it will be Fate of the Last Hive… not sure yet.

Anyways, I was taking information I learned about the main character Amelia Adams and started filling out some questions about her.

One of my questions was: What actor would you cast as your main character?

So, I began doing google photo searches of female actors. Nothing was working for me.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I am, currently on season 3 of Battle Star Galatica, and I’m like “Starkbuck”.

She’s perfect for Amelia Adams.

So, I head on over to Instagram and find Katee Sackhoff’s profile to find a great embeddable photo of her to add into my Scrivener files.

I present to you Starkbuck (Katee Sackhoff) as Amelia Adams…

Katee has also featured in many strong female roles. She plays a deputy in Longmire, main lead in sci-fi Another Life. She has a long list of parts as a strong female character, and she has done a lot of sci-fi.

Perfect for my main character Amelia Adams.


I love words. Words influence and inspire. Words stir emotion and compel thought. Words make the world a better place, but they can also make it horrible. I want my words to make the world better.

Cuyler Callahan

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