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The Last Hive and Refocusing Priorities

 October 24, 2020

By  CuylerC

So, I interviewed a beekeeper on The Actual Marketing Show.

The conversation, although marketing focused, strayed off into the beekeeping itself. I found the topic so interesting. I’m sure the farmer in me spoke out and wanted to know more.

No, the interview isn’t out as of right now. It’s a few episodes out. But, once I get it up, I’ll post in the blog about it.

I had this story idea take hold in my brain. A seed at first. But, I dove back into the creative fiction world.

I have completed the first draft of a short story I am calling The Last Hive.

And as I’m a fan of apocolyptic sci-fi, the story presents itself as an end-of-the-world species survival story.

A double on species survival for bees and humans.

I’m proud of the story so far. I think one of my best. But, it is just the first draft. I’ll complete the edits, get a cover made, and I’ll present it here on the site for anybody interested to read for free.

You’ll be able to download it straight to your favourite e-reader.

I’m feeling great about writing again. Guess it just takes years of back and forth.

On refocusing priorities, I’m focusing on fiction writing now. I’m dropping the other charades I play on myself. No more trying to make it big in the marketing world.

I know there is money to be made. But it isn’t me. I want to write fiction. I want to present my ideas and messages in the form of story. Great entertainment.

Everything I’ve learned over the years about marketing and copywriting will go into marketing my stories. I want the readers who’ll enjoy my fiction to find it.

A good set of skills I think – marketing. I just don’t want to do it for others.

I do have a marketing program I put together. I have a friend I’m going through the program with. He’s my beta tester.

If the program comes out successful, I’ll be using it for myself. And if someone begs me to help them out, it’ll be on a consult basis only.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep the updates coming.

I think next up I’ll be posting a cover for the story.




I love words. Words influence and inspire. Words stir emotion and compel thought. Words make the world a better place, but they can also make it horrible. I want my words to make the world better.

Cuyler Callahan

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