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A Writing Progress Update

So, since I last posted, I have achieved much.


I have completed the draft on two short stories. I am currently editing an older story.


I plan to publish short stories individually, then as anthologies.


I believe once I can write good short stories, I’ll then work on my novels more. I think it is good to have short stories making a ┬áname for myself before I work hard and launch a large novel.


I also don’t want to work hard on a novel when my writing skills are sub par. I believe working on short works is better to improve my writing before I spend a lot of time on a novel.


I am setting up my own publishing company. Once I have enough short stories for a decent product line I’ll set it up. I also have some other books from other writers I want to publish.


And no, I’m not open for submission right now. I have enough products and work. Once I catch up I might open the doors to submissions.


More on that later.


I’ll let you all know more about the short stories later. Just want you to all know I am making progress and writing almost every day.


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