March 18

New Earth Excerpt



A rough draft of an excerpt from some current writing on my book New Earth (Working Title)

All errors are left intact, along with formatting errors. Enjoy.



A stone wall. Behind Lazar’s black beard, with beads of sweat sparkling from the fan light, a stone wall revealed nothing of the cards in his thick hands.


The Red Lot – Donald and Barry – sat across. Their eyes darted back and forth. Their pale skin twitching on their thin faces. Lazar could almost hear a whine about to surface like a couple of excited swamp dogs.


“Jenny, get these mutts a couple of cold beers. They are sweating all over my house,” Lazar barked at his wife.


A plump lady with dishevelled brown hair in a tattered dirty white dress appeared in the hall entering the room and barked back. “Get it yourself you big oaf!”


“I asked you,” Lazar said irritably.


“I’m not aloud in the Men’s Room,” Jenny brought to fat fingers up in quotation marks, mocking the name.


Lazar stood up suddenly. His cards flew across the table at Donald, fluttering against his face. Barry laughed wildly, almost with an excited whimper.


“I’ll get you your damn beer. Don’t know how you stomach this swamp water shit anyways.” Jenny showed attitude, but really she saved face.


A sweet woman if you get past her rough side. By giving in with attitude, she saved herself the embarrassment of bowing to a man, and saved Lazar’s reputation with his men. Lazar fathered nine children with this woman.


“Restart the game,” Lazar Commanded.


Barry started up, “I had you. The pot is mine.” He grabbed for the pot. Lazar slammed his knife into the table beside Barry’s retched fingers.


“Restart,” Lazar said calmly, his blue eyes boring into the black caves under Barry’s thick red brows.


Barry sat down. The unheard whimper grated Lazar. “Shut up,” Donald said. Barry said nothing. Lazar knew these boys. Donald and Barry could tell when the other was about to do something stupid and stop each other before one ended up dead.


Donald began gathering the cards for a shuffle. Jenny entered the room with three cold beers in tall mugs. “Here you mutts go,” she said handing the twins their beer. She bent down to place Lazar’s.


He grabbed his woman. “ I want a kiss.”


“Of course you do.” She bent down to give him a kiss, but her lips never made it. Lazar found himself reaching for his [weapon name]. Donald and Barry took up positions behind the busted window. Fresh air blew in along with dust.


Movement outside. The kids. Lazar looked at Jenny’s body lying on the ground. Here head splattered the wall behind her corpse, leaving a stringy mess. His blood boiled.





Barry and Donald, Lazar, New Earth, Red Lot

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