September 9

Light Bulb Moment

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I’ve been really working on getting my flow back when it comes to the writing scene. Now I’m not just talking about actually putting words to paper where I get in a groove and everything comes out pretty decent. Because that is not the case. I know my writing feels clunky, missing much description, and I feel, sounds more like I’m telling a story rather then showing. I need to find that balance of action to description. That is something that will come with more words to paper practice.

What I am talking about at the moment is the process of story development. I felt I was creating a thin story, with linear characters who were made for the story, rather then a story made for the characters. That once again takes a balance, I felt unbalanced.

But my last development post, found here:, really did work for me. I found my process. I initially tried following other writing processes by established writers. They are not wrong. How they do things works for them, and for others. I have, however, developed my own style of story development. It has been from the knowledge attained by studying the styles of other writers that I have put together what works best for me.

My story now feels more complex, more alive, more everything. I am excited to develop and create a world I feel will be believable.

What was the big change from my previous attempts. Developing as I write. Create enough to get a story started, and add in the extra details as I need them. Making sure to record all changes and developments for future use.

I look at it like playing an RTS game. There is a shadow of war- the fog- that covers the map. As I play, I discover more, and keep in my memory discovered places, and story lines. I hope that is a good metaphor. I still have an idea about what is in the shadows. I have plots set out, but I don’t know all the details of every place I will explore. I don’t know all side characters, I don’t know the name of every town. I learn this as I go.

My next biggest challenge will be writing out everything in a exciting and attractive fashion that will have my readers begging for more.

Cheers all,

Have fun writing. I know I am.


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