January 31

Once Again… Writing! The Dream

Writing Updates For Writers


Here I am, once again, trying to write.

I always start up, I always quit. I want to really finish this time. I want to enter the published world, and be a writer by profession, and keep up the spirit to do so.

I have big plans. I’m taking the Indie Publishing Route. Many of the big authors have moved this way, despite their large paying contracts from large publishing companies.

Why? Because with the new methods of Print On Demand publishing, and the ebook markets exploding, you can now publish your own work, with little cost. And if you are a really good writer, your work will be read, and you will be rewarded.

Unlike the old Legacy Publishing days- the term for traditional publishing- where you relied on an editor to tell you if you were good. You were subject to an editors personal opinion, not the opinion of the potential readers.

So now, you publish yourself. If you are good, you will do good. If your writing is bad, you won’t. But you also won’t loose thousands of dollars self publishing either, if you are bad.

As a self publisher, I will have my own publishing company name, and business. I hope to really make it out there and do good, maybe taking on other writers works under my publishing name. But that is in the future. Right now I just need to get some books out, some stories, and work on my craft.

To my success… this time.


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