March 4

Writing Exercise: Describe One Thing Ten Ways

Writing Exercises


Over at, Chuck Wendig has put us writers to the challenge once again.

Pick a noun, and describe it ten ways.

My subject: Revision

1. The process of tearing a story to pieces in order to make a better story.

2. If revision stood on two feet, I’d kick revision in the balls.

3. The utter downfall of my writing soul.

4. The part of writing that involves torn hair, coffee, tears, and sometimes enjoyment.

5. I’d rather procrastinate then revise.

6. The enemy on the battlements who pushes your ladder away as your about to reach the top.

7. A process that wants for perfection, but will leave you depressed after you find so many problems missed on the third round through your 100k novel.

8. A moment when hot breath sighs onto the computer screen and a hand formed pistol points at ones own head.

9. The most important last step before completing a novel.

10. The moment you realize you just have to do it you son of a bitch.


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