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A Writing Progress Update

So, since I last posted, I have achieved much.   I have completed the draft on two short stories. I am currently editing an older story.   I plan to publish short stories individually, then as anthologies.   I believe once I can write good short stories, I’ll then work on my novels more. I […]

New Earth Excerpt

Published March 18, 2013 in Snippets - 0 Comments

A rough draft of an excerpt from some current writing on my book New Earth (Working Title) All errors are left intact, along with formatting errors. Enjoy.   ****************************************************************************************** A stone wall. Behind Lazar’s black beard, with beads of sweat sparkling from the fan light, a stone wall revealed nothing of the cards in his […]

How to Be an Organized Pantsing Writer

Published January 29, 2013 in Help For Writers - 0 Comments

I will tell you before you read this that all of what I’m about to say is total speculation. I’ve had an issue with my writing techniques for a while now and I always seem to come to the same conclusion: Planning a novel takes way to much time. I have read so many books […]

Update January 21 2013

It has been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened. My life changed significantly. My wife gave birth to our twin boys Everett and Fletcher. With this came no sleep. They are getting better at sleeping through the nights now. I will be getting out of the military March 29th. As such […]

Light Bulb Moment

I’ve been really working on getting my flow back when it comes to the writing scene. Now I’m not just talking about actually putting words to paper where I get in a groove and everything comes out pretty decent. Because that is not the case. I know my writing feels clunky, missing much description, and […]