Copywriting Services to Reach and Exceed your Growth Goals

***If a service is not listed, contact me with your problem. I can write in a lot of topics, and a lot of styles. So, I still may be able to help even if the service isn't listed here. And if I can't, I may be able to put you in contact with someone that can.***

Copywriting Services provided by Cuyler Callahan 

Conversion Based Emails

Write action-compelling emails. Call for more info, buy a product, click to website, follow on social media, etc.  I can plan a whole email series from the point of contact-information collection to the desired end result. Each email in a series must have a goal in mind. And like a good story, the request of action in each email builds up to the Big Ask. The email where you ask for the large purchase, or you send them to your Sales Letter page. A good email copywriter knows the persuasion skills required to put a series of high converting emails together.

At this time, I cannot offer Campaign Management and Implementation Services due to my time constraints and the level of responsibility this offering would entail. I hope to offer this service in the future.

Copy/Marketing Consultation

Maybe you don't want to hire me for my word-smithing abilities. Maybe you'd just like my opinion and advice on copy you've written, or to find holes in your marketing plan. Hit me up. I love analyzing marketing campaigns and helping my clients succeed. I can even help you create a marketing campaign from scratch

Product Listings

Amazon Listing, Ebay Listings, Online and Offline Product catalogue Listings, etc. These are the small descriptions of a product. Not many words there to convince a buyer to pick your product. Let me identify the best word combination to stop your prospects from scrolling past your listing and compel them to learn more about your product. On Amazon, Ebay or other online stores, this means stopping the scroll and clicking through to your sales page.

In a print catalogue or flyer, the job is much harder. I need to convince them to buy your product over the other similar products with a small amount of words. But I'm always up for that challenge.

And in some cases, your flyer or catalogue isn't mailed out to generate sales, but to generate traffic into your store. My product descriptions would need to reflect that as well.

Remember: It's always about the end goal of the copy. What do you want the customer to do after reading?

Landing Page Copy

The landing page needs to focus hard on the impulse-action request. Sign-up for a free report, buy the $7.99 Lobster Meal Deal, Click through to our Long Form Sales Letter. Landing Pages ask for easy invites. After the easy invite, scale up the request. An easy invite is as simple as clicking through to a sales letter. It's a qualifier. Qualified leads make for better conversions and a better customer-business relationship.

Content Marketing Copy

Blog Posts, Articles, Ebooks, etc. These content pieces are used to move the prospects from one mental state to the next. They are used to solve a problem for the prospect which in turn increases trust with you. Usually used to warm up cold prospects and qualify them for the next step in the customer journey. Content Marketing can also be used with warm and hot clients to keep them entertained, educate them on another product you offer, and to drive them to another desired action that will contribute to your marketing strategy. Content Marketing contributes to social currency. You give them a helping hand, and they'll be more likely to give back when you ask. But they must contain real value to the customer, and each piece of content must have an end goal in mind. How will this content help the prospect, and what action do I want them to take when they are finished?

White Papers/ Case Studies

I can write professional and convincing white papers and case studies.

I understand the need for the focused intent of a white paper to convince while delivering applicable and provable information.

I understand the story aspect of a great scenario and how it happened that a case study needs to display.

If you want a professional and persuasive white paper, or a convincing case study written for your business, I am your guy.

Online and Offline Sales Letters

Write a Sales Letter for online or offline mediums. Web Pages, Magazines, Newspaper, Direct-Response Mail, Online Advertising Channels(facebook, linkedin, instagram, etc). The Sales Letter is the end result. The Big Ask. Your customer took the journey from first contact, multiple touch points, and finally has arrived at the Sales Letter where you ask them to open their wallets. Every other point in the customer journey can be a flawless experience, but if the Sales Letter flunks out, it was all for naught.

Short Ad Copy

Facebook ad copy, Adwords copy, poster copy, billboard copy. Short copy doesn't sell the product or service. It stops the reader, and compels them to action. That next action is the next step in the customer journey. The facebook ad stops the scroll, you click, and a sales letter or landing page greets you. The poster in a shop window stops your walk down the street and compels you to walk into the store. Short Ad Copy needs to shock the reader into taking an action and propels them into the next step of the Customer Journey.

Additional Fees

Listed below are some extra fees I may apply to a final invoice.

Talent Scout Fee: $300 Per Skilled Persons AcquiredI may be able to use my connections in the industry to find you that talent.

Travel Expenses: If you request I travel, I expect you to pay for the costs. I also reserve the right to refuse travel.

How I Write Up The Quote And Invoice

After our road mapping session, I'll write the proposal. The proposal will consist of all the elements of copy we discussed about in the call, and what I'll identify as the project. The proposal will have an attached quote with the price I'll charge for the project. My quoted price will reflect the amount of research time, consultation time, and the length and type of copy I'll be expected to complete. I will not charge more than the price I quote. But, I do reserve the right to tack on my Talent Scout Fee as needed to the Final Invoice. I also expect the first milestone payment to be paid before I start any work on the project. Additional milestone payments will be due before the next stages of a project are to be completed. Any additional discussed fees, if any, will be due upon receipt of the final invoice.

If you require consultation outside the scope of the project, that consultation time will also be added to any final invoice currently open, unless you require a separate invoice. This just saves some paperwork.

Example: You have given me a sales letter copy assignment. I've already quoted for consulting and research time. But you call me to ask for advice on an email series you are writing on your own, I'll charge consulting fees for that advice because it doesn't relate to the sales letter project.