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Soldier Qualification Serial 05 October, 2010 Part 8

Well this is it. The last installment of the Soldier Qualification Series. I’m still debating if I will edit these all up and put them into one book for sale. I did mention in a previous post on the site that I might do that. But now that I look more at the whole serial, […]

Soldier Qualification Serial 04 August, 2010 Part 7

Wow, I haven’t written on this series since march. I want to finish it, but it will probably take one more after this serial. These next couple serials are not going to be as properly written as my last serials. Not sure why I don’t want to write it as proper as the last ones. […]

Soldier Qualification Serial 27 March, 2010 Part 6

I know it’s taking a long time for me to get this serial story out and to the people interested in reading it. Course is tough, I’m very busy. But I have some time now to write, so here it is, Part 6. A change I want to make so everyone knows, and so I […]

Soldier Qualification Serial 23 January, 2010 Part 5

Part 5! That took a long time. Live has been a little hectic. Went on 3 weeks vacation, came back and had to prepare for a funeral of a friend who passed away, then I’ve been real heavy into the books. Lots of studying. But here it is Part 5 is done and ready to […]

Soldier Qualification Serial 08 December, 2009 Part 4

Part 4 is finally here! I’m so sorry for taking so long to get this part up. I recently just started my Military Vehicle Technician Course. It is a pretty heavy course, so I’ve been in the books quite a bit. I also have had a hard time getting access to internet. I had to […]