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The Fantasy Novel Checklist

Published January 31, 2012 in Help For Writers - 0 Comments

This are the steps to take when writing a fantasy novel. Well the steps I’m taking when writing a fantasy novel. I hope it helps anybody else who wants to give it a shot. Fantasy Novel Checklist ___ Draw A Map.Include Interesting Places of Note that Could Possibly Be Used in Story ___ Draw Inhabitants […]

Near Death Experiences: Proof Of An Afterlife?

Published September 22, 2010 in Religion - 0 Comments

I’ve recently been trying to figure out for myself if I believe in the christian afterlife, or in an afterlife of some religious belief. I like any other person out there, will ponder the chances of going to hell or heaven, if such places actually exist. I believe I have a soul. It makes sense […]


I used to never really think about death much. When I was a Mormon, I had a plan all laid out for me. After I left the Mormon Religion, I thought about death a bit, then came up with what I think happens after death. But I’m not sure what happens, I’m not totally positive. […]

The Creation Of World Heroes

Published November 30, 2009 in Ponderings - 0 Comments

My buddy Gerry Sigurdson and I pulled out of the Canex here on base. Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” softly played through my car speakers. “Now that is one man I would like to meet,” I said. “More so then any other musician out there, I want to shake the hand of Johnny Cash.” We talked a […]