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My Qualms With Fantasy Stories

Published February 9, 2010 in Help For Writers , Writing - 0 Comments

I have a little problem with fantasy stories. Now don’t get me wrong, fantasy is my favorite genre. My issue is more or less not with fantasy stories in general, but with some stories, and mostly, with the authors of these said stories. The problem I have is called: Accountability. When I read a fantasy […]

Typing in Dvorak

Published November 30, 2009 in Health Conditions , Help For Writers , Writing - 0 Comments

Most people have grown up learning how to type in the style called QWERTY. If you look at any typical keyboard today, it is QWERTY layout. Usually nobody ever questions why we write in QWERTY. It has always just been that way. I’ll give you a quick history lesson. Back in the 1800’s when typewriters […]

Dialogue As Its Meant To Be Read

Published November 22, 2009 in Help For Writers - 0 Comments

Have you ever put down a book because you couldn’t stand having to reread over and over again. I find that the most parts I have to reread are the dialog lines. It is vitally important to let your reader know what is happening to your characters as it is happening. Reading: “You think so,” […]