Anthony English escaped his I.T career to build his own marketing consultancy. Learn how the 5 stages of buyer awareness work, how to warm up cold customers, defeat self doubt, and the powerful uses of metaphor to make a message stick.

Don Sevcik has grown his website traffic to almost 4 million hits a year. And now, he wants to monetize. We discuss Minimum Viable Product, powerful marketing copy, SEO, and website traffic conversion. A powerful conversation. Don't miss episode six and the gold wisdom within.

After multiple business failures, and realizing the current business she operated no longer fit her "Why", Anita Toth turned her pursuits to helping people. Join this inspiring conversation where we discuss finding your why, avoiding the guru loops, planning unique marketing strategy for your target market, dealing with loneliness, and analyzing customer feedback to make accurate decisions.

After closing $500,000 in sales, Kenneth Parkja wanted to switch it up. So he started a direct-response copywriting business. In this episode, he explains how to be genuine, and deliver personalized and tested direct-messaging communication via social media and email. You don't want to miss this gold. Check it out now.

Attracting clients takes more than putting up an "open" sign. Richard Western gets on the phone and builds relationships. He doesn't bullshit his clients, and they come back again and again. Also, understand the importance of free capital, and how banks can pull the plug on a thriving business and how to avoid this trap.

Grow your freelance business like a professional who's been in business before the internet. Susan Greene gives you the real-life experience from kid writer to seasoned full-time pro to help you make it in the freelance industry.

Do you sell a commodity? Bread, gasoline... water? Water and Ice Co. owners James and Ian's experience will help you turn your common product into a representation of your brand.

Listen to real-life examples of businesses succeeding in today's noise. Actual marketing by actual people like you. Discover what to expect from "The Actual Marketing Show”.