Show Notes

Attracting clients to your service takes more than just hanging up a sign saying, "I'm open for business".

Richard Western knows... 

He puts phone-to-ear, building relationships with those he knows will benefit from his expertise.

More than just a lease broker, Richard understands the role cash-flow plays in keeping the doors open, and he'll analyze a business's financials to help them come to a decision... lease or buy their next piece of equipment.

He doesn't bullshit his clients, and they respect him for it: coming back again and again.

In this episode, Richard explains why cash-flow and capital is king, and how leasing equipment keeps that precious capital open for better opportunities.

Oh, and here's a big takeaway from the show... the banks can pull the plug on your business even if you're killing it, raking in cash, and making your payments.

Listen to Episode 003 to find out how this happens, and how you can avoid it.

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