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The Actual Marketing Show Episode 006:Minimum Viable Product, The Power Of Marketing Copy, SEO, Understanding How To Convert Your Website Visitors

Don Sevcik understands the concept of MVP (Minimum Viable Product). And, he may have learned the hard way.

His website,, has millions of hits every year. But, he has had trouble converting them to paying customers.

A hard working entrepreneur, Don won't give up. He knows he can crack the combination to high website conversion.

After studying copywriting from the greats like Gary Halbert and Eugene Schwartz, Don has witnessed 28% of all hits to his copy read through the entire page.

And I've seen the copy. It isn't short. What an achievement. Now, if only he can get them to purchase.

We discuss theories of copy and the application of story to empathize with the prospective buyers.

Don's millions of hits to his website every year also has me in awe. Don explains his use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to attract millions of parents and children to his math-equation-solving website.

Don has even written a book on SEO. He has the results. Go check it out. (Link Below)

Don is successful, and he's working to increase his success through continuous study of marketing and copywriting.

You don't want to miss this energetic episode full of practical and applicable lessons in entrepreneurship and marketing.

Listen to Don Sevcik drop serious wisdom gold in Episode Six of The Actual Marketing Show.

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