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The Actual Marketing Show Episode 007: 5 Stages of Buyer Awareness, Speaking Client Language, Target the Problem, Stop Criticizing Yourself, Powerful Metaphors, Reactivate Cold Clients

Anthony escaped his career in I.T to start his own marketing consultant business. On his journey to success, he discovered the best way to target his market, and that is to target the problem. 

His claim to fame is his perfect customer, with the perfect problems for him to solve... Rachels.

You need to listen to this episode to get the backstory. 

He dives into the 5 stages of buyer awareness. You'll learn how to target the problem and not the customer using their own language. 

Believe you aren't good enough to be an entrepreneur? Anthony discusses how he beat self criticism to the ground to become the loveable person the people who know him come to expect.  

There’s some brilliant advice on using metaphors to pierce the gray-matter, so your message sticks. Have you ever experienced a hot client going cold? Anthony gives us his best methods to warm them back up.

So don't miss out on this wisdom. Anthony will blow you away with his experience and knowledge for finding and serving clients, so they keep coming back. 

Your client's will cheer you on to success, rather than drudge opening their wallets for you.

Join Anthony and me in Episode Seven of The Actual Marketing Show.

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