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Eating Healthier in the Army and Hypoglycemia

 November 28, 2009

By  CuylerC

Back around 2006 I was a big guy. I weighed in at 288 lbs. I never felt that healthy, and I had a low self esteem. I went to the doctors and they told me that if I didn’t lose weight, I could become very sick.

I fell in love with body building in high school during sports performance class. I still wasn’t losing weight, but I was putting on some muscle. My bench started at 155 lbs and I increased it to 245lbs. I had the best improvement record in the whole class.

I started working out at home. I read up on getting in shape. I learned that it was a balance between cardio, weight lifting, and my nutrition. I worked out for 2 years. I dropped my weight from 288lbs to 220 lbs.

I stopped working out for a bit when I was working on the dairy farm. The farm work, mixed in with the body building was making me sick. I was working my body to hard. I kept my nutrition in check however, and this coupled with the farm work, kept my weight down between 210lbs and 220 lbs. However when I moved to the city I started working out again. But my lifestyle of drinking and partying all the time, mixed in with lots of fast food made my workout sessions almost useless. I went up to about 240 lbs in this period in the city.

As you can see here I went from a strict plan that had the three parts. The nutrition, the cardio, and the weight lifting, and I went to just working out with weights and running. My nutrition went down the drain.

I think the biggest, most important part, is the nutrition. As soon as the nutrition, the eating healthy part, of the plan left, nothing else really mattered much. The nutrition is the lifeblood of a workout plan. You can workout all you want, but if your not eating the proper food to fuel your muscles, your body, and your just throwing junk down range, then your workout will mean nothing.

Since I joined the army, I have sky rocketed in weight. I joined weighing in at 250lbs. I can run with the other troops, all be it, not as well as them, but I can run the distance, without stopping. I can play the sports. I am fit enough to do my part. I kick ass at ruck marches. That is my strong point. The army exercises us almost every day. I am getting in the exercise I need. But my nutrition was horrible.

The mess- that is where we eat- basically is a buffet. You go in, take what you want, and eat it. You can go back for seconds. Now I will say this: I very rarely ever go back for seconds. But the food I eat is usually deep fried. Most of the food up at the counter is deep fried. Then the salad bar consists of lots of high in fat mayonnaise salads like potato salad, macaroni salads, etc… I fell victim. This was all great, and I figured I was working out, I could eat whatever I want.

That turns out it isn’t the case. I am now back up to 270lbs. I also think I have developed a mild version of a condition called hyperglycemia. Basically that means if my blood sugar falls to low, I start to get very anxious, I vibrate, I become confused and zone out. Things can start to become black. This has happened to me, and I got scared.

I know that it is a very popular condition in my family. Lots of my aunts and uncles and cousins have it. So it didn’t surprise me that my symptoms all pointed to it. It can develop when a person eats to many simple sugars, and bad food, or to much food. People who are overweight can develop it easier. Though even fit people can develop it as some of my cousins have.

I decided to start eating healthier. Instead of drinking chocolate milk with every meal, or coke, I now drink water. I only grab a protein source from the hot counter line. I don’t go after the potatoes or other cooked vegetables which usually have lots of grease in them.

I go to the fresh vegetables in the salad bar line and load up on those. And I grab the fresh fruit. And for bread I’ll grab the whole wheat bread. See the military does offer the healthy food, they just have so much of the unhealthy food that I get tempted to eat that instead.

But ever since I started eating the healthy food, I have had no problems with my low blood sugar. Well unless I skip a meal, then I start to feel the symptoms come back, but not as bad. I think it’s because of the complex carbohydrates I’m eating. Complex carbohydrates slowly release sugar into the blood. I can keep my blood sugar up for longer periods of time because of the slow releasing action of the complex carbohydrates.

When you eat simple sugars, the sugars give you a rush for a bit, then are gone faster, leaving me with low blood sugar if I miss a meal. That is when I get the scary symptoms where I start blacking out. But with the longer lasting complex sugars, if I miss a meal, I won’t get the bad symptoms. I just get a little anxious and vibrate a bit.

I’m also hoping that with the healthier food I’m eating, I will be able to start losing weight again, and get my old body back. I damaged it with the bad food I was eating. I need to get the nutrition part back under control, and I think I am getting the beginnings started for a healthy eating plan.

I’m hoping with the healthy eating, and the working out, I will also be able to reverse the affects of hypoglycemia. I heard this has happened before with many people before. They start working out, become healthy, and basically the condition is reversed.

I guess I’ll see what the future holds.


I love words. Words influence and inspire. Words stir emotion and thought. Words can make the world a better place, as well a worse place. I want my words to make the world better.

Cuyler Callahan

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