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King Sumo :ERROR That Action Is Not Currently Available or Enable Your Cookies and Javascript

 September 29, 2016

By  CuylerC

How To Get Kingsumo to work with WP-Spamshield

I installed the WordPress Kingsumo Giveaways plugin and was running my first giveaway. I had traffic coming in, clicking on the page. But nobody was signing up. I mean, who doesn’t want $75 of free viking gear.

Didn’t make sense…

So I started to research. Luckily, my Facebook mates over at the private yourfirst10kreaders Facebook group helped me out. I probably was getting annoying. I asked 3 times for them to test out my giveaway until I finally had success.

Thanks guys!

Anyways, not going to go into what I did to figure it out. Just going to tell you guys how to get it working when it happens to you.

So the issue:

People trying to signup for the giveaway were getting the following error: ERROR That Action Is Not Currently Available, or a similar error mentioning Enable Your Cookies and Javascript.

WP-Spamshield: Amazing  plugin. I’m not disabling it. After having to pay a guy off to clean out all the spam users – over 20,000 – and spam comments, I need that plugin. Not a drop of spam since. (To be honest, this site goes through long bouts of abandonment. Just check the last post before this one.)

The problem was:

Unless a plugin was designed to work with WP-Spamshield, there can be conflicts.

I wasn’t having a problem using the giveaway as long as I was logged into my admin account. That is because WP-Spamshield knew I was logged in, and not a spammer, when I tried to use Kingsumo.

Anybody who wasn’t a registered user of my WordPress site was treated as a spammer as soon as they used a foreign registration form not recognized by WP-Spamshield. Kingsumo is a foreign registration form. Not the Contact 7 or Gravity form that is provided by WP-Spamshield.

How did I fix this. Well after much messing around – I had to mentally use clean language there – and chasing the dots over the internet to mentally form a picture in my mind about what could be causing the issues, I finally figured out how to fix our problem.


In the WordPress dashboard sidebar, go to settings>Wp-Spamshield

Scroll down and look for the checkbox labelled: Disable anti-spam for miscellaneous forms.

Make sure it is checked. This will cause WP-Spamshield to ignore any foreign registration form.

Delete any caching you have as a result of a caching plugin.

Reopen your browser.

Should work now.

Might not be the best solution if you rely on WP-Spamshield for other foreign forms that work with it. But as Kingsumo hasn’t addressed the current issue, it is the best we got for now. You can always uncheck this option when your giveaway is over. At best, it should only allow the spamming of the giveaway which already has a pretty decent captcha system.


Hopes this helps somebody,


P.S Depending when you read this, the giveaway could be on still. Check it out at



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  • Excellent post! I can’t believe you discovered this, blogged it, and I found it. Exactly the problem I was having, I suspect. Nicely done. Thank you very much! Michael

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