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New Earth (Working Title) Snippet

 September 4, 2012

By  CuylerC

I have finally started getting words on paper. I’m so excited that this is starting to happen. I am in Ontario until November. The problem is my notes, culture books, languages are at home. I brought my maps. I’ll write as much as I can until I need my language books. I head back in a couple weeks. I’ll try to grab what I need and bring it back here.

Disclaimer: This is first draft, unedited work. Of course there will be mistakes, the writing may be crappy, lacking description, or to much, with multiple other problems.

This work is Copyright ©2012 – Cuyler Callahan’s Official Home Page


General Kep Barns, black hair cut short, standing five feet one inch. Tan skin. She had always heard her ancestry came from the Japanese. Slanted eyes. As far as she could tell from books, the description of herself fit. Common. Nothing special there. The whites, that cried unique. She liked white men. She liked challenges.

Kep sat in her office at the top of the five story red brick building called the Rebel Nations Alliance Coalition Head Quarters or RNACHQ. Her large oak desk probably cost more then the building. One of the last relics of Earth. Stolen off a New Earth Government Merchant Convoy.

She wore a crisp RFPEMF officers uniform. Tan coloured, red stripes down the side from shoulders to feet. Her General rank on her shoulders- a soaring eagle.

In the dark of night she worked. Lots of planning. She sat bent over a map spreading the length and width of her large desk, plus more, spilling over the edges. Skirmishes with New Earth Forces kept her busy. Planning new strategies, keeping informed with intelligence, updating her personal maps.

She had to stay on top of things, show victories, show her worth and power. She could not disappoint the Republic of Free Peoples of Earth’s leader Daniel Keeves. He made her in charge of his armies. She killed people to get this job. She made great enemies that want her dead. She has to stay on her toes.

The room, damply lit by a desk lamp kept the dark away. She checked distances, bearings. I’ll have to send a supply of rations and water out near the Grey swamps. Probably extra ammo. Those swamp dogs have had them firing all night. She knew that, hearing chatter over her own personal radio she kept close at all times.

Click! Kep turned in her seat, just as a black mass crashed into her, a flash of something shiny coming at her chest. She blocked the strike and using her legs flung the assassin over herself, crashing into a wall.

The crash sent her guards at the door busting into the room, MR50 assault rifles pointed dead ahead. By that time the man in black had already flung poison darts, striking the burly guards in the neck. They fell instantly, dead. Eyes wide open.

Kep turned to face her attacker. He already came behind, holding the knife to her neck. “You won’t believe how much money I’m making to kill you,” a deep growly voice said.

“I’ll pay you more if you don’t,” Kep bargained in her high cool voice. No nervousness showing.

“I’d do it for free,” the man said, hate deep in his voice. Kep knew this time she faced death with certainty. Her husband and his whore would now have to raise her children.


Hope you enjoyed. I’ll put up more snippets as I feel fit.


I love words. Words influence and inspire. Words stir emotion and compel thought. Words make the world a better place, but they can also make it horrible. I want my words to make the world better.

Cuyler Callahan

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