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Type 2 Diabetes, Pancreatitis, and the Paleo Diet

 February 19, 2014

By  CuylerC

Something I didn’t mention lately is that I have been at home recovering from pancreatitis.

On January 4th, 2014, I experienced extreme pain in my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the emergency and was immediately admitted.

I was diagnosed with a pancreatic attack, or pancreatitis. I was also told I had type 2 diabetes. I spent a full month in the hospital recovering with a tube down my throat that went into my intestine, past my pancreas. The reason being the doctors did not want food disturbing the pancreas.

I’ll start from the beginning so you can all know how this happened.

About late October, 2013, I noticed I was urinating a lot more frequently, and I was extremely thirsty. I drank so much water and yet I couldn’t satiate my thirst.

At first I thought I had a urinary tract infection so I began drinking cranberry juice. This has helped me in the past. Not this time. After another month and no slowing down on my urine relief, I decided to book an appointment with my doctor. I started urinating more frequently then before.

I was feeling sluggish and some days sick. It took me about another month to get into the doctor. A few weeks before Christmas.

My doctor told me to go for blood work. I booked an appointment on a Saturday at a blood work lab so I didn’t have to skip work. This took another two week. Just before Christmas.

Urination increased in frequency. My doctor told me if anything came up on the blood work he would call me. He received the results after Christmas holidays due to labs being shut down. January 3rd I got a call that I need to come see him on the 10th.

He was leaving on the 10th for Africa and wouldn’t be back until march and it was imperative I see him before he left.

January 4th I had my pancreas attack and was diagnosed in emergency with type 2 diabetes.

By the time I had the pancreas attack I was urinating almost every 15 minutes to half an hour. The doctor told me that my blood work I had done before Christmas showed a Blood Glucose level of 19 mmol/L.

When I came into emergency my levels were at 29 mmol/L. I was urinating so much because my kidneys were trying to evacuate the glucose through my urine. Once I heard this I realized that my urine had been almost sticky and thick.

The doctor said it was almost lucky I had a pancreas attack. If I didn’t come into the hospital I could have went into a coma over night. That would have scared my wife pretty bad.

All the sugar occupying the kidneys meant the kidneys didn’t have time to process triglycerides . My triglyceride levels are suppose to be at 3. They were at 29. Triglycerides are processed in the pancreas and turned into digestive enzymes. Because there was so many triglycerides in my blood, the pancreas made a lot more enzymes then needed. The enzymes began digesting the overworked pancreas – the pancreas attack.

This further lowered insulin production, increasing blood sugar levels. A round about affect.

The reason all this happened was because my body tissue and fat cells became resistant to insulin. The insulin couldn’t store the sugar as fat or supply muscles with energy. Therefore it stayed in the blood.

I am now at home on recovery. The doctor expects I’ll be on insulin for about 3 to 6 months until my pancreas fully recovers. I’m hoping to go back to work middle of march.

The pancreas released fluid into my body cavity and created a large fluid cyst that puts a lot of pressure on my kidneys. I was on hydramorphane, on opioid 10x stronger then morphine, for the pain caused by the cyst. If my ct scan in march shows the cyst has shrunk under 5 cm, then I can go back to work. If it is not small enough I’ll need surgery to drain it.

I was on hydramorphane for about a month and a week. I cut myself off on day 8 of being home. The withdrawal was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep, felt nauseous, and every joint hurt. Like being a normal human was painful. Day 4 I finally had a good day.

I am going to battle this diabetes by eating Paleo. If you want more info about Paleo, check out this site called Marks Daily Apple. Mark Sisson lays it all out and the diet isn’t hard to follow.

I actually went Paleo before for 6 months. I went from 283lbs to 250lbs. I had twin boys and my whole schedule went to crap. I fell off the wagon and never jumped back on fully. I felt great. But then I gained the weight back. I stopped eating the way I should. Every time I tried jumping on for a week or two I felt great. Good energy, I dropped some pounds. But then I fell off.

Well now the diabetic diet isn’t a whole lot different then paleo, minus a few changes. I have no choice now but to eat healthy. If I don’t, I die.

Keep watching for posts about my progress. I believe this can help other diabetics. If it all works out maybe I’ll start an official blog about it.



I love words. Words influence and inspire. Words stir emotion and thought. Words can make the world a better place, as well a worse place. I want my words to make the world better.

Cuyler Callahan

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