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Update January 21 2013

 January 21, 2013

By  CuylerC

It has been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened. My life changed significantly.

My wife gave birth to our twin boys Everett and Fletcher. With this came no sleep. They are getting better at sleeping through the nights now.

I will be getting out of the military March 29th. As such I am now looking for a full time mechanics job with overtime.

Life is busy. I feel that sometimes my blog becomes a broken record of starting projects but never finishing them.

My writing has come to a stand still. I have to put my time towards my family and my job. My free time now is split between writing, internet marketing, and I also want to start working out again. So I have to choose somehow which one I find most important.

At the moment I want financial freedom for my family. I think I will try to focus on internet marketing, working overtime at work. Once I can achieve some financial breathing room I will then try to cut back the over time and maybe throw in some writing or exercise.

I would also like to apologize for my inconsistencies. I don’t seem able to stay on one project at a time. You will just have to follow along as I work on one topic to another.

I would like to say I was reading some of my latest work called “New Earth” and I am confident the writing is well done. I can do better of course, but I found myself drawn into my own words. I think that is a good thing.

As for internet marketing. I need to find a topic to write about for a blog. I always run into the problem that I don’t seem able find a topic that interests me enough to write about it. Or I don’t feel I should write about it because what makes myself an expert?

Topics I have thought about:

Writing: Why should I write about writing as if I am an expert? I know it is something I write about on here, but you all know this is my personal blog and I don’t try to come off as an expert. To write about writing so I can sell products and gain reader loyalty and trust I actually need to have accomplished something as a writer.

Internet Marketing: Once again something I know a lot of info about, but no actual accomplishments. Why should I write about internet marketing when I have had no success? I have nothing but my knowledge to work off of. I have note actually made much money.

Fitness: I used to be fit. I know lots about fitness and health. I actually was studying to become a fitness instructor. But if you look at me now I am a fat man that just barely passes my fitness tests at work. I shouldn’t write until I am fit.

Fantasy Metal Bands: This is one I am still thinking about. Anybody that likes music can write about it. Fantasy Metal Bands is actually a term that my blog gets found through a lot. I believe I can have a decent following. But I am no expert, just a fan of fantasy metal. I have never been to a concert. What could I actually write about? I could post up music videos, do reviews of new albums. I could talk about the culture. But after checking out other blogs, the metal blogs have gone to concerts, interviewed band members, give out free tickets. I suppose it is something I could try. I just have to find something to sell related to fantasy metal. I am still thinking on this one.

Ebikes: I was looking at writing about electronic bicycles and other electronic modes of transportation. I believe this is something I don’t need to be an expert in. But can I keep up writing about it without losing interest?

Horse Training: I run my sisters horse training site. I wanted to start a info blog on training horses, equipment needed, etc. The way I want to go with it, she really doesn’t see eye to eye on with myself. I also don’t know if my interest is enough to write about training horses. It is more her thing then mine.

If any are interested in responding, please put suggestions below. Give me topics that I don’t need to show results of my own. Topics that can be interesting and fun. What would you guys write a blog about?


I love words. Words influence and inspire. Words stir emotion and thought. Words can make the world a better place, as well a worse place. I want my words to make the world better.

Cuyler Callahan

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