Beat Your Current Sales Goals By At Least 10% In The Next 60 Minutes...

You can have a streamlined website, a fluid sales process, and a targeted audience of customers... but without the right convincing words, your customers will flip the page, click away from the website, or walk away. A great copywriter writes the words to attract new customers, and moves them through their journey to the sale.

Cuyler Callahan

Certified Direct Response Copywriting Specialist

What You'll Receive From ​Your Free Consultation Call

We'll discuss the product or service you offer, how it will benefit the customer, and who your target customer is. Next, we'll strategize the best methods of communication and persuasion that will work for your target audience and decide upon the media best used to deliver that message. We'll make a list of resources and skills needed, and create an action checklist to guide you in implementing the plan.

What I'll Do Before The Call

I'll look at your website, social media, and information about your company. Don't have a website, no problem. I'll help you develop an offline marketing strategy. Or, even better, how to get your company online.

What Happens During the Call

  • What are your goals for the company's growth, and how a marketing strategy will contribute to your success.
  • We'll fine-tune your customer targeting and define their problems and desires.
  • Next up, your product or service. What do you offer, and how can we tailor it to the customer? How will it solve their problem, or satisfy their desire. We'll analyze and augment the offer to match your newly defined audience.
  • Hatching the plan. If you don't already have a marketing strategy in place to improve or add to, we'll create one.
  • Creating a list of tasks and projects to complete your marketing plan keeps you moving forward.
  • I'll keep track of our conversation and deliver a step-by-step document to lead you through the action phase of your strategy.

What Changes After the Call

  • You created a solid marketing plan to increase profits and sales.
  • Lazer-focused on a target customer to formulate offers toward.
  • Synced your product or service package for your defined customer. 
  • Organized tasks, projects, and resources needed to complete your master plan.
  • I sent you a step-by-step custom document to keep your head on straight while your business grows around you.
  • Now start checking off the list. 

Do You Want A Full-Proof Plan To Increased Profits and Business Growth?

About Cuyler Callahan

I love to write. I love the power of words. Since a child, I have written stories, articles, and even my own sales copy to persuade friends and family to my cause.

My go-to method as a child for dropping a request or bad news on my parents... a letter placed on their pillow. An effort to convince them to my way. I was successful about half the time. 50% conversion rate... 2% conversion on copy is considered amazing. 

So... can I brag?

Writing persuasive copy is a passion of mine. Spreading the message through the written word... the best innovation of mankind.

If you want someone who thoroughly enjoys their job and wants you to succeed as much as you do... I am your man.

Let My Passion Drive Your Success!

Why You Need To Schedule A Free Consultation Call

  • Do you know where your customers went to school, websites they visit, magazines they read, the fears and joys they experience?  Do you really know your audience?
  • Your offer must be tailored to your customer for maximum purchase conversion. How well does your product or service fit your audience?
  • Copy Conversion Leads To Success. Are you experiencing the success you want?

Only after the Audience is Defined and the Offer Tailored can High-Conversion Copy be Written.

I'll help you with the Audience and the Offer... 

I Can Also Write The Copy.

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I Am A Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist

In 2018, I completed the extensive Direct-Response Copywriting Mastery Course put on by Ryan Deiss' Digital Marketer, and taught by Director Pam Foster of American Writers and Artists Inc. (A World Leader in Educating Copywriters Globally)

Completed Work To Fast-Track Your Desire For My Skills

A growing portfolio of copywriting projects I have completed. You are free to check them out. I know you'll be impressed.

I Never Stop Learning, So I Can Deliver The Results My Clients Deserve.

I continue to absorb marketing education to further improve my skills and intuition about writing persuasive copy. You can check out my growing list of educational sources to see how my education could benefit your business.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Destroy Your Sales Goals By A Minimum Of 10% With Just A 60 Minute Call.