This Valuable Free 30-Minute Call Will Fire Up Your Brain With Fantastic Lead-Generation Insights...

Discover "Thee" 1st Step You Must Complete Before Attempting to Find New Quality Prospects For Your Business. 

Starting Up A Marketing Plan Before Completing This Step Will Make Your Efforts A Waste Of Time.

You can have a streamlined website, a fluid sales process, awesome copy, and a targeted audience of repeat customers...


But without new customer contacts, your business stagnates. And every business experiences some customer loss, so over time, your business will dry up like water on hot cement.

New customers coming in faster than those going out is required to grow a business.

Cuyler Callahan

Certified Direct Response Copywriting Specialist

In Only 30 minutes, You'll Experience The Exciting Rush Of Lead-Acquisition Ideas...

Just From 1 Simple Task You Absolutely Are Required To Complete If You Want More Quality Leads...

A Preview Of The Call...

We'll discuss the product or service you offer, and who you sell to now. We'll brainstorm other uses of your product or service, and identify potential target markets. Next, I'll give you the 1 step to find these people, and send the right promotional message they'll respond and identify with.

What I'll Do Before The Call

  • I'll scan your website, social media, and other info I can find online about your company. 
  • I'll look at the service and products you sell, and I'll perform preliminary research to see potential markets for your product.

What Happens During the Call

  • I'll assume you're on the call to discuss market expansion for your product or service. So we'll jump straight into the meat of the consult. We'll talk about the product or service you sell.
  • We'll discuss the current customers you have, and how you're currently marketing your product or service to them.
  • We'll brainstorm new potential customer markets to target, and how your product or service can help them.
  • Next up, the 1 task you must complete before starting any marketing project.

What Changes After the Call

  • Experience a head bursting with ideas on targeting and researching new quality leads for your business.
  • You'll know how to research and lazer-focus on your next customer base.
  • By the time you're done with me, you'll be imagining your customer on a typical day coming across your message. What will they do with it...? You'll know that too.

Ready to Discover the 1 Step to an Abundance of Highly Targeted Quality Leads and Destroy Stagnation?

About Cuyler Callahan

I love to write. I love the power of words. Since a child, I have written stories, articles, and even my own sales copy to persuade friends and family to my cause.

My go-to method as a child for dropping a request or bad news on my parents... a letter placed on their pillow. An effort to convince them to my way. I was successful about half the time. 50% conversion rate... 2% conversion on copy is considered amazing. 

So... can I brag?

Writing persuasive copy is a passion of mine. Spreading the message through the written word... the best innovation of mankind.

If you want someone who thoroughly enjoys their job and wants you to succeed as much as you do... I'm your man.

Let My Passion Drive Your Success!

Why You Need To Schedule Your 30-Minute Free Consultation Call

  • Do you know where your customers went to school, websites they visit, magazines they read, the fears and joys they experience?  Do you really know your audience?
  • Maybe you understand the need of prospect research. Okay, do you know how to research your market? Where do you even start?

Only after the Audience is Defined and the Offer Tailored can High-Conversion Marketing Copy be Written.

Spend 30 minutes with me, and I'll help you with the Audience... 

P.S: What Are You Waiting For? I'm One Person. I Can't Talk To Everyone. Get On The Call Before Somebody Takes Your Spot.

Let’s Target Some New Customers and Break Your Company's Growth Plateau.​

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